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The Split!

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The Split! Empty
PostSubject: The Split! The Split! Icon_minitimeMay 25th 2013, 14:07

Greetings wolves! As many of you know, the split has already started!  Here's a couple things the Admins have decided to conduct a time skip for.

Beta Steele has "killed" Elite Kenai, while really he is receiving aid in the Healer's den. Steele has separated from the pack and has control of some land for himself. As he left the pack, he asked Beta Esmeralda to join him. She refused as she believes in her deepest of feelings, she hates Steele. But once Esmeralda and Steele end their argument, a spy follows the brute: Omega Delilah. She follows him until he discovers his lurking shadow, when he attacks her. Not with his fangs or paws, but with his words. He questions her, wondering why an Omega would wish to join him. Little does he know, she has a plan with Esmeralda to kill Steele. The two set off to the land together and come to talking about the other wolves. Delilah hints about the rejection Steele received from Esmeralda, which forces the brute to grow angry in a violent rage. With the aid of the spring season, he forces Delilah to breed with him, thus impregnating her. Once they are finished, he brings her back to his den and forces her to live there with him.

Time has passed and Kenai recovers from his concussion with little to no side effects. Thanking Warrior Ember for discovering and saving his life, he swears to get Steele back for almost killing him. In the dead of night, Kenai leaves the borders of Helidos and searches for the scent of the missing Beta. When he reaches the camp, he finds a lonely fae, Omega Delilah, trapped in his home. She is weak and beaten, forced lashings were a constant from the angered and frustrated Beta. Kenai breaks the bonds, keeping her trapped in this horrid land, and moves with her back to Helidos, where she receives immediate care. The Caretaker's become aware that something is different about the fae, she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, back at Erenyx camp, Steele discovers the fae is no longer there. Angered by her fleeing, he thrashes his own home. He heads off to search for her, thinking she had not made it bad to Helidos just yet. Esmeralda does not know of the pregnant fae, or that she carries the pups of Steele. She leaves Helidos, in search for the missing Beta and finally they meet.


The Split! M6DrTtH

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The Split!

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