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The shy one

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PostSubject: The shy one December 30th 2012, 20:15

Name: Creek

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Rank Requested: Healer of some sorts

Creek is a soft blend of cream colors, white and a translucent color to the pelt. She has no visible marking that meld her cream coat and no scars other than a notch on her right ear. Her body is a delicate shape with thin and feminine features. Her eyes are a deep green with yellow flecks in them and her nose is a playful pink color. Creek is smaller than your average female and is built for speed and little else. She has little underlying muscle due to the fact that she was never taught to fight, though she can hunt for herself.

Personality: Her soft, sweet voice gives you your first impression of this kindhearted fae. Innocent to the core Creek strives to help others and is almost blind to the terrors of the outside world. Some call her naive, but in reality she just hasn't experienced the troubles most others have. She tries to be a friend to everyone and will never refuse help to them.

Some flaws of Creek is that she can be too trusting. She had a almost perfect childhood and finds it hard to see negatives in others. No one has taken advantage of her so far, but that may change. Creek can also be too motherly to others, especially pups or sick wolves. Its an instink of hers, but it can bother some people.


Creek was born an only pup to two loving parents of a large southern pack. Her father was a valued hunter and her mother spent her days as the packs healer and caretaker. Everyone in the pack treated Creek well and were all pleased when she showed interest in the healing arts at age two. She was taught by her mother from an early age and her knowledge of herbs quickly led her to being the second healer of the pack.

Sweet and innocent Creek quickly drew the attention of the Beta's son, who soon started to court her. Happy for her her parents approved of the match and tried to push Creek to the male, hoping she would make a higher rank than healer. Creek on the other hand loved healing more than the male and rejected him when he asked to be her mate. Outraged he turned her parents against her with twisted lies and threats. Soon the pressure grew too much and Creek left her pack on her own accord. Both her parents pleaded with her to reconsider, but he ignored them saying that she could only love a male that loved her for what she was.

For two months she lived alone, helping loners on her journey north. She pushed her past out of her mind and made a vow that she would find a new home that would accept her talents and not try to change her.

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PostSubject: Re: The shy one December 30th 2012, 21:12

Welcome and Accepted! You may make a new border post or add her to Chiara's
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The shy one

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