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Exclusive Sneak Preview

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Exclusive Sneak Preview Empty
PostSubject: Exclusive Sneak Preview Exclusive Sneak Preview Icon_minitimeJune 27th 2013, 09:08

Hello members! Many of you may have noticed a little less activity from myself and a couple other of our Admin/Mods but it has been for a good reason. After months of thinking and planning, I have finally made a Humanoid/Shifter site. It has taken us months to prepare, but since you have all been so diligent on Age, I feel you shall all be able to see it or possibly join before we "officially" open. I present to you:

Exclusive Sneak Preview 9mlj

Lunari is a Fantasy RP with 5 different races. The world has excelled in time and technology. Our races include: Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters, and Mora. Mora are made up of Nekos, Inus, and Kitsunes. For anyone that does not know: Nekos are humans with cat ears/tail, Inus are humans with dog ears/tail, and Kitsunes are humans with fox ears/tail. Come check us out!!


Exclusive Sneak Preview M6DrTtH

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Exclusive Sneak Preview

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