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Dirt on New Paws

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PostSubject: Dirt on New Paws July 16th 2013, 10:17

The large fae lightly stepped into the clearing her coat catching the beams of sun that warmed spots upon her tawny, grey and black streaked fur. Scenting the air about her she smelled the different scents of her new pack mates. This must be the Den Clearing, her ears perked as her emerald eyes softly scanned the brush, rocks and other dens that were either occupied or vacant as the other wolves milled about doing their own things. Jaxynn snorted, an action she had been doing since her latest battle with a rogue whom she had dispatched without a second thought, the rough scarring barely visible beneath her fur like most of her other scars. Her paws treaded the earth softly as her tail hung down relaxed behind her. She would need to make a den, not her favorite thing to do, but it was a necessity, so with her coal black nose pressed to the ground she scented for the airy dirt smell of soft topsoil, underneath the soft topsoil would be the thicker dirt.

She hadn’t expected it to take so long, but eventually the fae found what she was looking for under a small rock overhang, with a successful wag of her tail she went to the base of the rock and began to dig her claws into the soft earth, scooping the dirt out with her large paws. The work was easy for her as lean muscles coiled and sprung with each scoop. Jaxynn continued the tedious task for what seemed like hours before she found herself having to move dirt from the small tunnel of her new den. The opening was large enough for her to fit through and maybe a larger wolf than she, but it began to feel more like home as her scent filled the large den just behind her, the circular room was cozy and would be big enough to house pups, and her mate, as soon as she had one. Jaxynn with a tired yawn, crawled the rest of the way from her new home, the walls had been packed in and now she was left with the results, her cream tawny colored patches now were smudged with the darker brown of the earth she had been working as dirt clung to her in speck here and there. Closing her eyes she shook out the dirt encrusted coat and frowned as the caked on bits hadn’t even budged. “Wonderful…” the fae sighed and went to push the extra dirt off to either side of her den’s opening before she began to roll upon her back in the grass to dislodge the clods of dirt from her tawny, black and grey streaked coat. It felt good, and that alone made her tail wag as she closed her emerald eyes.
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Dirt on New Paws

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