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Curiousity Is Wasted On The Weak [Open!]

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PostSubject: Curiousity Is Wasted On The Weak [Open!] November 17th 2013, 18:00

A land he knew not of supported the footfalls of an elegant being. As though the hardships of travel was wasted upon the weak; he felt not sympathy for the limbs that occasionally urged forth upon the pleasantry of a break from movement. The terrain made it difficult to weave a path in an art of both excellence and perfection, qualities of both that he expected from himself. A carefully placed step was the thinly set line between catastrophic injury and an idle stroll—perhaps death considering the bends and twists of roaring tides that lapped at the softened soil nearest his heels. The waters were swallowed whole into a darkening abyss for a cave, and the warrior was reasonably intrigued of the locations within that were perhaps foreign to the curious eyes of those that passed. He was nothing surpassed another pair of said curious eyes, but that did little to send him astray from these newly established thoughts and ideas that sat within the most readable depths of his mind. Curiousity was another element that was often wasted upon the weak, as it had a way of being deceptive and cruel, a way of formulating the path of an oblivious wolf—a fly better fitted to the metaphor in mind—into the spider web that awaited them. Comical, how quickly a course could be altered upon the equivalent of a hazard. So few knew of their limits, and it made him thankful for what of his boundaries he continued to be mindful of. The waters that cackled at the earth's edge in the form of thunderous waves made him come to terms with the reality he wished not to be bestowed with. Curiosity was associated with the weak, but he was far from such a category, and it allowed him to make a decision that valued his lifespan. The caves lured him onwards, but his mind knew better than his heart.

It was why he chose to settle at the water's edge, content in a position of relaxation despite the chilling cold that accompanied the occasional splash that reached his elevation. He stared into the swirling depths of the darkening waters, attempting to piece together the puzzle that was his reflection as it was gnawed apart by the vicious pull of water droplets in various directions. He was quick to give up on such a pointless game, as it did little to appease the intrigue that overthrew what purpouse for traveling here he knew not himself to bear. There was so much of Erenyx he longed to explore, yet so much of it appeared as though a challenge that the considerable carnivore knew better than to partake. His life was not to be tossed around in favour of enlightenment, regardless of how much he desired to argue with such a horrid statement. Then again, he was nothing but a warrior. The title would be gifted upon many after him, just as it had been for many before him. He knew few that shared the Erenyx tinge upon their furs, and such provided him with the proof he needed to ensure himself that his life would not be miraculously wondered about, just as it would not be the concern of many. But, somehow, these realizations were not enough to persuade him upon the path of uncertainty and undefined danger.

A silent sigh escaped a lethal muzzle: Kissed with the hues of caramel and rusted auburn. He glanced down upon his shuffled paws before rising to his full height, angling his body upon a positioning that was parallel to the river below as he continued to advance upon the path ahead. Eventually, he would reach the cave's mouth and be forced upon a route anew. Perhaps, at that point in time, he would have been able to finalize the decision that he had already made. Its eerie blackness began to open up before him, and such provoked an abrupt halt. He stared within, as though bound by chains, and examined what of the unknown had opened itself up to him and his curious eyes, his weakly curious eyes.


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PostSubject: Re: Curiousity Is Wasted On The Weak [Open!] November 26th 2013, 14:39

All things considered, Tye concluded that this area was the least lethal of the other three after some inspection. Compared to the treacherous, perpetually, snowing and ice-ridden cliffs complete with callous winds and thick fog, the relative tranquility of the churning waters and harmless cluster of caves was a nice reprieve. The only dangers that he had seen from here were drowning or getting lost which could be easily achieved by one misstep on the mountains or poor judgement. The potential head trauma and broken bones would also be achieved by doing those things. An image of his mangled body emerged in his mind, making him chuckle. It was a reality if he wasn't careful enough. Unfortunately curiosity had always been a constant companion for Tye but luckily he had always tempered it with a healthy appreciation for danger and sensibility. As he padded through the narrow passage of two rock formations, the words of the Alphess came back echoing in his head. He had pledged his allegiance to her in both body and spirit. His oath had been unwavering servitude and loyalty and in that, there was an unspoken agreement that there was no room for weakness only courage. Though, Tye mused as he came to a slow stop at the edge of the river. If such sorcery was real he probably would never have given his soul willingly because the Alphess had seemed like she was preparing herself to face treason and what a waste that would have been. He would save his soul for something more worthwhile, or someone. As it stood, he was exploring and making sure he knew every inch of the pack-lands in the event he had to defend. At the moment he was sitting on the chances of that happening to be most likely.  

Tye glanced to the side at the mouth of a large cave, the sound of the swirling waters roaring in his ears like a watery, ghastly, silk-laden lullaby. Or a funeral procession. He watched the water gush from the depths of the cave downstream, ruthless and unrelenting. Still, better company than the icy fingers of the winds and gusts of snow and slippery, uneven foot-falls of the mountains. Somehow within the confines of the rocks and rapids a sense of ease and comfort settled upon him like a fine mist. And just as he took his first step towards the cave he spotted another long before he smelt him. It was a tawny male with russet and caramel hues. He smelt like Erenyx. He was approaching the cave on the other of the river, opposite Tye with a strange expression on his face. Tye watched him, contemplating on his next course of action. Should he call the wolf out to see what the was doing or wait and see? The water was spilling out of the mouth of the cave in higher volumes and it was washing over the edge of the river. Maybe the wolf was trying to learn how to swim? It wouldn't be the first time. The wolf stopped, finally just before the cave's entrance. He said raising his voice so the other could hear him, "Are you alright there brother?"
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Curiousity Is Wasted On The Weak [Open!]

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