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Injustice or Indifference? [CLOSED]

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PostSubject: Injustice or Indifference? [CLOSED] May 6th 2014, 21:10

*Continues After Caretaker Omen's Boarder Thread w/ Lead Warrior Chiara*

They had just left the board, behind him lay the infinate wasteland of broken dreams and failed promises. Reckless behavior that he would never dare to repeat and now, he had the trust of Chiara, a lead warrior in the pack. Eneryx, it was a strange land to him, the way it curved and caved into the earth warping it just like the near demon likes state of the nature surround them. These lands were far different than any other he had cross through, somehow they cried out in pain and misery, screaming out it's rich history and he felt like he belonged. They were both damaged, the land needed him as he needed the land, and now he had a worthy job as a Caretaker. The humble face closed it's eyes as he trailed the female, a new found friend and hopefully lifetime pack mate. The front she placed was of this bitterness, a worthy opponant and battle scarred partner, but she was just as kind and gracious as he was. Thinking about what has forced her to come to be like how she was, a past that no one could understand, and it was beyond him to place judgement knowing far to well what it felt like. Still he followed her, his mind racing as they carried on. Large ears listened to her speak, how she would one day entrust him with the care of her pups, and that she too agreed with his basic knowledge of caretaking but she longed to know more. It intrigued him so he began to speak, telling her how he felt a pack should raise it's young.

"Many year's ago, my pack was a peaceful pack, and they raised their young on the foundations of that everyone was to be treated fairly. At birth a child is reared with the wisdom and knowledge of it's parents and it's caretaker before it's faced to the pack, once it's face to the pack, regardless of age it begin to learn all it can on pack life and the principles of how a pack works. Still, it is when a pup is young that it learns it's morals. That is where I come in. My caretaker, when I was a lad taught me that it was not kill or be killed out there, that it was a way of our forefathers telling us that we were top of the food chain but easily taken out if not careful. From this, we learned that by being in packs we raise the stakes on the pack outcome, but if everyone thought that it was kill or be killed, there wouldn't be a pack in the first place. This brought on ranks, with out ranks there was not functionality to the pack. We stand lost and unequipped to fight, defend, and nourish the members of our home. So, those who are able they chose where they wish to go, we use our traits to 'choose' where we wish to stand. As a caretaker for me and a lead warrior for you, but what if at birth, when we are shaping those minds we listen. I mean actually listen to what the future generations have to say, because if we listened maybe the son of an Alpha wouldn't want to be next in line, maybe he would care to help others and maybe the daughter of an Omega would care to run the pack someday but is discounted just because of the cloth she is cut from. If we just listened, we would see that how we establish things as adults have been shaped into out minds from previous generations and ever though we rule at this current time, we will not in the future. It's up to us to change the rules, bend the out of shape, and let the pups speak. If we don't listen, then we force them into ranks they don't deserve or worse, that they are not adequate for and they become miserable. Eventually, a pack can fall to ruins, not matter how hard the rebellious one's try to fight."

Omen sighed heavily, it was all too real for him. After living through it he learned that by shaping the minds of the future generations, he would have a change in changing how pack life could be and that by living in the old ways was far behind them. Only the generations to come would be able to change things for themselves, but it needs to start somewhere and Omen felt it was his obligation to the litter he lost. A small way of saying, 'I hear you and I am trying'. Slowly he began to stop walking, the area was beautiful as they turned the bend and in the near distance he could hear the lapping of the waves. Turning his brow towards the warrior he called out to her, grabbing her attention he spoke, "This is beautiful. A wonderful night in your company Ma'am." The sky was dark and the starts scattered through the sky, glowing sharply upon the red walls of the land and the overpass, Omen just let it seep into his soul. It was far too comforting being here and he knew this place would become permanent.

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PostSubject: Re: Injustice or Indifference? [CLOSED] May 7th 2014, 19:32

Walking a bit in front of the stocky male Chiara led him away from the border and into the heart of the pack lands. It was still quite dark out and shadow engulfed most of the light within the forest. Only the half moon above them gave flickers of sight to the dark world. Chiara's yellow eyes scouted ahead, ready for anything to happen and yet remained soft from increased fatigue. It had been a long day for her, having spent most of it in the healers den listening to her future as it was planned out before her. More emotionally drained than physically her thoughts slowed, but her hearing remained intact to listen to her companion answer her question. Omen spoke of his hopes and desires for the future pups, how he would raise them and his hopes for someday changing how things were done. She once had such dreams of change, but they quickly vanished after Damon perished. Change would never happen and she had accepted it. There would always be the dark minded beasts that lived to destroy. There would always be loss and pain as well as happiness and joy. No amount of dreaming would change the pack or her future as mother of Steele's pups.

Sighing Chiara came to an old oak tree that had been hit by lightening some time ago. A jagged black scar ran down the side of it and yet the tree survived and leaved every year, as if to spite the scar. It was her tree for it reminded her of her own short comings in life and how she rose above them. Her own X shaped scar over her left eye was now healed from impact, but still white and hairless against her black pelt. For the rest of her days her flawless pelt would be tarnished by the memory of the scar and yet heightened by the addition she added to it after Damons death. Blinking then turning around to her new friend Chiara sat, wanting to rest and talk. "It all sounds nice, but I'm not sure if it's possible. As long as Alpha's like Steele live there will always be unjust ranks, demotions, killing and unfairness. Even with decent leaders there won't be perfection. Giving pups hope is important, yes, but so is teaching them to keep their head down and survive. I wish sometimes I had heard that lesson more as a pup, it would have made things easier for me." She said, holding her gaze down. Chiara had had her spirit broken years ago and now was more drone than free thinker. Dominance and respect now over took where free thoughts and wanting to go against the grain once stood. This was probably why she would go along with Steele's plot and not fight back.

"Maybe my pups will be the ones to change our future, but I don't want them killed for being rebellious. I once spoke out against my superiors and it broke me down and earned me half of this scar."
She said flashing the moon light upon her face. "I've gotten where I am now by following my higher ups and taking everyone's shit. I have respect now a finally a place I call my home. I'll even have a mate after the deed I am asked of has been done and I give our Alpha a litter." She confessed, knowing he would have to know at some point. "I am content and want my pups to live which I'm confident you'll assist them in doing that." She said, bringing her gaze back to the male's.


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PostSubject: Re: Injustice or Indifference? [CLOSED] May 8th 2014, 08:36

Without hesitation he corrected his statement to her, "I am not saying that we should rise up against our Alpha's ways, what is pack law is pack law, but we shouldn't have to live in fear. All I am saying, is that we should listen to what the future has to say, because when... Steel is it, when Steele is dead who takes over. After what you just told me, if there was no first born son as is, you're pups would indeed be the one's to change it. It shouldn't be a battle everyday waking up and wondering what is going to happen to you. No wolf should live in fear and a leader who treats his followers as such, is indeed a coward for instilling fear in the first place." Omen realized that the more he spoke to Chiara, the more he realized he was bad mouthing the practices of Steele's pack. Not even knowing him before making judgement, but it was prior judgement from is pack that forced him to think this way. That all leader's were evil. Knowing nothing of the other pack, for a split second Omen wondering if he had chosen the right back. As he found Chiara's face, he gazed at the scar above her eye and peered closer. "Please, I am not saying that Steele is evil, or his laws are crazy. I don't know him, I just speak of my past and the lesson's I learned the hard way. If we hover over our comrades and make the decisions for them, then they don't learn how to make a decision for themselves. If we make other's fear us, then they too become a bully. The cycle needs to stop. Especially for you, having to bear the litter of our Alpha? Just to be with your mate. I'm sorry, I will be there for you, every step of the way but that doesn't mean I agree with it. As my own, I am entitled to how I feel, and my opinions. There is a time to speak, a time fight, and a time run. Just remember that."

Omen sat back upon his haunches and stared at the sky, his head tilted back and his eyes forced shut as he embraced the warmth from the moonlight. A dead breeze drifted by, barely ruffling his pelt but it felt nice being in the company of others. Surely with his new found friend, it was going to be different here, and maybe it was just the right amount of wrong for him. It would never matter to him what anyone else said, he would defend the future litter's with everything he could ever offer. Even in death, he would do what needed to be done. However, in the meantime, he would mind his tongue around their Alpha and other high ranking members, staying quiet unless spoken too. It was always in his nature to do so, but to teach was his goal and he would accomplish it along side Chiara. With a small smile, he returned his head downward and gazed at her once more. "Tell me about Steele and Eneryx, about your mate. I'd like to know who to steer clear of and who isn't all that bad, like yourself." The baritone voice rumbled as he shifted his shoulders, preparing for a lng conversation.
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PostSubject: Re: Injustice or Indifference? [CLOSED]

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Injustice or Indifference? [CLOSED]

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