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Name Claim

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PostSubject: Name Claim July 7th 2014, 21:14

Make sure when you are looking to join, that you check out our name claim, and when you are accepted, please list your name below:

Abyss - Hunter of Helidos
Achak - Apprentice of Agavos
Achilles - Deceased of Erenyx
Aconitum - Warrior of Helidos
Adira - Deceased of Erenyx
Akira - Apprentice of Pyrvanthros
Aleu - Deceased of Helidos
Alexander - Warrior of Helidos
Alimar - Deceased of Helidos
Altair - Deceased Of Agavos
Amatis - Deceased Of Pyrvanthros
Ambrose - Apprentice of Erenyx
Ammolite - Deceased of Erenyx
Apollo - Deceased of Helidos
Ariatisse - Deceased Of Agavos
Ariste - Deceased of Erenyx
Arrelys - Hunter of Agavos
Ashlen - Deceased of Agavos
Aspen - Deceased of Erenyx
Athena - Deceased of Helidos
Aurora - Deceased of Helidos
Avareth - Deceased of Erenyx
Ayden - Deceased of Helidos
Azrael - Warrior Of Agavos
Azul - Elder of Helidos

Banshee - Deceased of Helidos
Baritos - Elder of Erenyx
Blaire - Apprentice of Agavos
Blaze - Apprentice of Pyrvanthros
Bleddyn - Omega of Pyrvanthros
Braelyn - Delta of Erenyx
Breeze - Elite of Agavos

Cael - Warrior of Agavos
Caspian - Delta of Erenyx
Cassiopeia - Deceased of Erenyx
Channing - Deceased of Helidos
Chase - Deceased of Helidos
Chassity - Warrior Of Pyrvanthros
Cheshire - Deceased of Erenyx
Chiara - Alphess of Pyrvanthros
Chrysis - Deceased of Helidos
Ciro - Healer of Helidos
Clare - Hunter of Helidos
Cliché - Lead Healer of Erenyx
Claudia - Lead Warrior of Pyrvanthros
Cocum - Hunter of Pyrvanthros
Conláed - Rogue of Neutral Lands
Creek - Deceased of Helidos
Crow - Healer of Agavos
Crystal - Autay of Helidos

Daltan - Deceased of Helidos
Damon - Deceased of Helidos
Delilah - Deceased of Helidos
Desmond - Alpha of Agavos
Desoto - Elite of Agavos
Drake - Deceased of Erenyx
Drogo - Guardian of Helidos

Eclipse - Elder of Helidos
Eirwen - Healer of Pyrvanthros
Elias - Deceased of Erenyx
Elsbeth - Deceased of Helidos
Ember - Deceased of Helidos
Emilia - Autay of Helidos
Emily - Deceased of Agavos
Emma - Hunter of Agavos
Erabus - Deceased of Agavos
Esmé - Deceased Of Agavos
Esmerelda - Deceased of Erenyx
Evalynn - Deceased Rogue

Faith - Deceased of Helidos
Faust - Omega Of Erenyx
Fel - Beta of Agavos
Fenris - Deceased of Helidos
Finnick- Deceased of Agavos
Frìth - Hunter Of Helidos

Genevieve - Deceased of Helidos
Griffen - Deceased of Helidos

Heaven - Deceased of Erenyx
Hestia - Warrior of Pyrvanthros

Icarus - Deceased of Erenyx
Illias - Autay of Pyrvanthros
Irrationality - Beta of Erenyx

Jauda - Warrior of Helidos
Jinx - Deceased of Pyrvanthros
Julian - Deceased of Helidos
Julianne - Autay of Erenyx
Juno - Deceased of Helidos

Katyusha - Deceased of Agavos
Kenai - Deceased of Helidos
Kennedy - Deceased of Erenyx
Keoni - Deceased of Agavos
Khane - Deceased of Erenyx
Killian - Hunter of Pyrvanthros

Lark - Deceased of Helidos
Leo - Deceased of Helidos
Levi - Apprentice of Helidos
Lizara - Warrior of Erenyx
Locke - Deceased of Helidos
Lucas - Deceased of Erenyx
Lynx - Rogue of Neutral Lands
Lyonitus - Elder of Erenyx
Lyric - Warrior of Helidos

Maddox - Warrior of Erenyx
Maia - Deceased of Helidos
Magnus - Alpha of Pyrvanthros
Malachai - Elite of Pyrvanthros
Marona - Scout of Pyrvanthros
Marrok - Deceased of Helidos
Mei - Hunter of Helidos
Memphis - Apprentice of Erenyx
Meurtrier - Hunter of Pyrvanthros
Mjölnir - Rogue of Neutral Lands

Naomi - Deceased of Erenyx
Narla - Lead Warrior of Agavos
Naya - Healer Of Helidos
Newt - Deceased of Agavos
Nnlya - Elite of Helidos
Noble - Deceased of Agavos
Nyda - Hunter of Agavos
Nymph - Deceased of Erenyx
Nyx - Deceased of Erenyx

Obscuro - Deceased of Neutral Lands
Odin - Deceased of Helidos
Oliver - Deceased of Helidos
Oltulysa - Rogue of Neutral Lands
Omen - Deceased of Erenyx
Orion - Deceased of Agavos

Paige - Deceased of Helidos
Paislee - Warrior Of Pyrvanthros
Percy - Deceased of Helidos
Petra - Apprentice of Erenyx
Pharika - Deceased of Agavos
Pidge - Healer of Agavos
Piper - Warrior of Erenyx

Quinn - Deceased of Helidos

Raegan - Warrior of Erenyx
Ragnaar - Apprentice of Erenyx
Raymond - Deceased of Erenyx
Reaper - Beta of Erenyx
Recluse - Deceased of Pyrvanthros
Reiko - Deceased of Agavos
Remus - Deceased of Erenyx
Renier - Deceased of Erenyx
Rose - Deceased of Helidos
Rook - Warrior Of Agavos
Ryland - Deceased of Helidos

Sadie - Hunter of Erenyx
Samael - Exile of Neutral Lands
Samoset - Healer of Pryvanthros
Sasha - Deceased of Erenyx
Seyda - Warrior of Pryvanthros
Shadow - Deceased of Helidos
Sherlock - Deceased of Helidos
Shia - Deceased of Helidos
Sieglinde - Hunter of Agavos
Sitka - Alpha of Helidos
Sloan - Warrior of Agavos
Sofiel - Deceased of Agavos
Spencer - Autay of Agavos
Spirit - Deceased Of Erenyx
Striker - Warrior of Agavos
Steele - Deceased of Erenyx
Styx - Warrior of Erenyx
Syn - Warrior of Pyrvanthros

Teeku - Omega of Helidos
Tempest - Warrior of Erenyx
Teren - Alpha of Erenyx
Tatsu- Delta of Pyrvanthros
Thaddeus - Apprentice of Erenyx
Thane - Deceased of Helidos
Thorin - Deceased of Helidos
Thunder - Elder of Helidos
Tragedy - Deceased of Helidos
Tulie - Autay of Erenyx
Tundra - Guardian of Erenyx
Twelve - Deceased of Helidos
Twist - Omega Of Agavos
Tye - Deceased of Erenyx

Ulisse - Deceased of Neutral Lands

Vanessa - Warrior Of Erenyx
Vetis - Deceased of Erenyx

Warg - Warrior of Erenyx
Willow - Deceased of Erenyx

Xerarch - Warrior of Helidos
Xerentis - Delta of Pyrvanthros
Xora - Healer of Helidos
Xymesina - Apprentice of Erenyx

Yuki - Scout of Erenyx

Zedd - Deceased of Agavos
Zen - Omega of Erenyx
Zephyr - Lead Hunter of Pyrvanthros
Zerek - Warrior of Agavos

To add your name to the list, below use the following code:


Name - [color=PACK COLOR]Rank Of Pack[/color]

Pack Colors -
Helidos - #1173EB
Erenyx - #FF0000
Agavos - #008000
Pyrvanthros - #800080
Captive - #519690
Deceased - #707070
Exile - #FC5A0F


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PostSubject: Re: Name Claim October 11th 2016, 11:13

Seraphina- Hunter of Pyrvanthros
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Name Claim

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