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Alone? Maybe not… [Border acceptance open]

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PostSubject: Alone? Maybe not… [Border acceptance open] July 23rd 2014, 10:04

The white female padded into the border as the cold winter snow started to fall lightly, "Winter has come awfully early this year, I wonder what is going on!" she said aloud thinking that she was alone in this beautiful snow covered area. The snow glistened like little ice crystals on the ground but as she walked threw it, she left paw prints behind. The female stopped dead in her tracks noticing another animals paw prints, they were quiet small so she reconized them right away  "It seems as if a small mouse has taken cover for the winter, I'm surprised that a fox did not get the small creature." she said as she kept walking threw the border, she then stopped and sat in the snow after all the traveling she had done she needed a rest so she decided to sit down. As she sat In the snow to rest her paws she started to wonder if she was alone, then she let out a small yet loud howl to let any other wolf that was in the area know she was at the border.

"Hello? Is anyone else out here?"

The white female waited for a reply or atleast for someone to show up, she hated being alone, after all she had been alone for a few months. As she sat on the cold, glistening, white snow, she began to scan her surroundings for any other wolves or small animals, but she only noticed a small snow hare, her stomach was growling so she stood up, crouched down, slinked towards the small hare, but before she had a chance to attack it sensed her presence and took off running so the chase was on. After a few minutes of chasing the small hare around the border she finally pounced on it sinking her teeth  into the small animal making it die instantly, once she had her kill she picked it up, went back to her original spot, lied down, and began to eat the hare.

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PostSubject: Re: Alone? Maybe not… [Border acceptance open] August 19th 2014, 19:13

Winter had certainly arrived in Helidos. And with it came a decline in available prey. Nnlya was doing her part for the pack. The hunters were over taxed as it was, their numbers dwindling. Recent intake had seen numerous healers and the odd caretaker cross their borders. But with more mouths to feed they needed more of those with the ability to hunt - whether that meant grouping together to take down large game or taking the initiative to go find smaller rodents that burrowed beneath the snow. On her border patrol the Elite scented one such rodent not far off. It had been a while since she had hunted such small game and she was out of practice. Quickly, on light pawsteps she traversed the forest floor, nose to the dirt. She crouched, muscles coiled ready for the attack. She sprung high into the air, pointing her paws and muzzle directly to the ground for better penetration upon impact. As she jumped a howl broke the air, scaring the rodent. As she landed, her muzzle met only snow. Her jaws did not taste the metallic tang of blood.

She cursed lowly under her breath. Straightening up, she shook the white from her fur. The rodent would have to wait for another time. She trotted off in the direction of the howl. Tail swishing elegantly behind her. Through the trees she was sure she couldn't be far, but she had yet to spot the distinctive colouring of a wolf. Drawing closer, the reasoning was clear. Yet another white wolf had found their borders. Instinctively her tail curled over her spine, her muzzle raised so that her head appeared proud and regal. Azure eyes bored into the female. "Who are you and what are you doing on my borders?" She inhaled through her nose, finding the scent of the female amongst the many other aromas of the forest. She was a little bit snappy, having failed what should have been such a simple hunt. All thanks to this wolf. It was unfair of her, really, the she-wolf had no way of knowing there was a hunt going on nearby.


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Alone? Maybe not… [Border acceptance open]

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