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Power Playing/Godmolding/Metagaming

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PostSubject: Power Playing/Godmolding/Metagaming July 25th 2014, 18:09


In light of recent events I'd like to shed some light on this term, what it means, and how one can go about rping without doing it. Power playing or "pping" in simple terms means "controlling anothers persons character without their permission." This can be as simple as me rping out that Azul walked away in a thread or that Katyusha agreed to a statement I made. By writing this I am taking control over another person's character and making them do something. Without a direct disclaimer by Azul or Kat that they give me permission to rp their wolves or "ghost" them at the bottom of the thread I am in violation of power playing.

In a spar it is VERY easy to power play, even if it is unintentional. During a spar with Tye I would list out my attacks, what defense I give and injuries I have. Under the attacks section I would leave all open ended. Also, in the rp section I rp every attack open ended. For example:

CORRECT: Marrok lunged forward, his jaws open and aiming at Tye's leg. He hoped to grab a hold near the paw to further injure him, hence his eyes trained on the area.

attack: Lunge at hind leg by paw
defence: ears pinned
damage: none

INCORRECT: Marrok lunged forward, biting Tye's leg. He felt blood enter his mouth and braced himself as the male started to struggle

By Marrok rping that he felt blood in his mouth and that Tye struggled he was subtlety power playing Tye. He made him bleed and made him struggle, but Marrok doesn't play Tye or have permission for this. By rping open ended attacks it lets the opponent decide the damage of their own character, because they own the character. However, this is not a chance for both sides to play "mr invincible" and never take a hit from each other. As it is stated in the rules, sparing is about give and take. For every hit that you land you must be willing to accept damage back. This makes the spar fair and keeps things interesting. Here are some more examples:

WRONG: Chiara charged boldly toward Steele, slashing her jaws towards his head. Chiara's teeth left large gashes down the side of his face, letting blood pool below her feet.

WHY: Chiara can't make an attack and make a connection in the same post, this must be carried out in her next post after Steele write what damage is done by Chiara. Also, Chiara can't dictate the damage done to another player.

RIGHT: Magnus charged Nnlya swinging his bared teeth toward the fae's head.

WHY: This is the safest example — Madnus’s actions have nothing to do with Nnlya other than that they are heading toward her and allows the other player to dictate exactly what happens to their character.

RIGHT: Nyx charged Cliche, swinging her jaws toward the fae's head. She aimed to latch on to her ear and use her front paws to kick at her jaw.

WHY: This is less safe. Describing potential damage is okay, but be careful with your wording.

AVOIDING DAMAGE PPING: You can't write your attack and damage in the same post. You can write what could happen but watch how you word yourself. As a rule write the attack and let your opponent write the resolution. Avoid words like "hit" "strike" and "slam" instead write "attempt" "aim" and "tries."

SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS: If both sides of the spar per-determine the winner of a spar (such in the case of Steele and Katyusha in their first spar) and a disclaimer is posted at the beginning of the thread, slight power playing can be used to hurry a thread along. Also if during a spar a player wishes to forfeit they may post a disclaimer for the opponent to make the finishing move/pin.

During rank fights or other spars where no winner is per-determined a staff member or pre-appointed person will watch the spar and choose based on moves, fairness of the spar and abilities of each player. Point that factor into this decision are: Gender, rank, height/weight, experience of fighting, speed, strength and injuries. After a winner is decided the staff members decision is final (so no whining about it)


Godmolding or "gming" is a term usually based on character development or in cases of sparing. For the first section I will lightly touch on it, because our type of rp site doesn't rely of profile to dictate how well our characters perform for battles and such. When creating a character a general rule a thumb is that no one is invincible, everyone has a weakness. There are no all-powerful wolves running around who can never be beaten, injured and are the "best" at everything. When creating a wolf think about what they are good at (within reason), their strengths/weakness and what sort of wolf can over power them. A large haulky brute WILL NOT be as fast as a lithe and thin fae. Nor will a young fae be able to crush a large full grown male. We have size references for a reason posted in the rules and each wolf will have it's own give and take of speed, agility and strength. Use your own judgment with this and use common sense.

During a spar godmolding can come up when a player doesn't fairly allow their own wolf to take damage. Every attack should be acknowledged, whether it damaged you or not. By not taking any damage or referencing a hit you are basically saying my wolf didn't get hurt and is unbeatable. Even if there was a spar between a apprentice and Teren, he still would need to post the result of each attack, even if it's only to feel light pin pricks of puppy teeth. No wolf can avoid all attacks in a spar, some damage must be done. As a fair rule if your opponent misses a attack completely that open you up to miss an attack, same goes for landing a attack.


Not a term used much, but I felt I'd touch on it. In simple terms metagaming or "mging" means to take knowledge from ooc (or cbox) and transfer it over to the mind of your wolf in rp threads. This can be unfair to plot development and can spoil a good rp if used poorly.

EXAMPLE: In the cbox Chiara and Magnus discuss their upcoming mating as a surprise to Tye and Cliche, Pain enters the cbox to read. Later in a open thread Pain approaches Tye and Cliche and asks them about Chiara's upcoming litter.

WHY: Pain was never informed about the litter in characer (IC) thus he would have known nothing about this.

EXAMPLE: In the cbox Teren talks with Azul about planning a raid on a Helidos hunt. Marrok enters the cbox to listen in and talk with Juno. Later in a thread Marrok rps that he has a "funny feeling" about a hunt and decides to join them.

WHY: Again Marrok would never have known about the raid, and without obvious signs written by Teren about Erenyx in Helidos land there is no way Marrok turned psychic for a day to know.

Another type of mging involves needed another wolv'es thoughts and reacting to them when no other sign of their intentions is gien. No wolf can read minds and unless CLEAR body language signs are given, thoughts are private.

EXAMPLE: Katyusha thought to herself "Chiara is such a bitch, how I'd love to push her is the water" but she still smiled sweetly at her mentor as they walked along the river.

Chiara looked back at Katyusha, getting a sense she was up to no good. The fae walked away from the river, closer to the shore for she felt something bad might happen.

WHY: Chiara may be awesome, but she can't read minds. Even thought Katyusha would never smile sweetly at her, she wouldn't know her intentions and thus wouldn;t know to move away from the river.

Any questions based on this topic feel free to PM me


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Power Playing/Godmolding/Metagaming

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