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Looking for a pack

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PostSubject: Looking for a pack July 29th 2014, 08:34

An ash-gray wolf slowly padded up to the Helidos border. She stopped and sniffed the air. "I wonder if they'd let me join?" she thought to herself. She sat in front of a tree and let out a long howl. "I hope the alpha hears that" She murmered. She sniffed the air again, and waited for a responce
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Juno of Helidos
Juno of Helidos

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a pack July 29th 2014, 09:44

Seeing that you've clearly and bravely gone against our site's rules, I'd suggest you read them before doing anything else so as to posting on this site until doing so.

Please read the rules if you wish to properly join this site.

And next time, I hope that you understand what we seek in new members here, not this.

xX Look At These Links Below In Order To Join Xx


And once you are done thoroughly reading them, you must make a profile and submit it here for someone to look over.



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Looking for a pack

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