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Training must begin

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Training must begin  Empty
PostSubject: Training must begin Training must begin  Icon_minitimeAugust 4th 2014, 17:07

Nashoba remembered how Steele had acted the first day of Nashoba's arrival when he got to close to the alpha den. He hadn't went there since the first day he got to the camp. He slowly made his way to the den and barked in, "Alpha Teren, I am Nashoba a warrior of your pack. Can I come in?" He didn't want to come off weak so he thought of what to say while he waited for Teren. He sat down and thought outside of the den. He looked around the camp, ice crystals hung from tree's making each tree shine in the sunlight. Some may think of it as beautiful but he thought of it as a nuisance. The snow and all, the crystals would fall and drip making a mess of the forest and not making it any warmer. He hated winter, just the thought of it made him wish it was gone; it was cold, barely any prey, and sickness all around him. He focused back on the den. He hoped that Teren would train him, if he trained good and fought his hardest he could probably earn a more respectable rank. He lowered his head looking at the ground, he was nervous of what Teren would say.

[sorry its short. I have been having a hard time getting a chance to rp at all.]
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Training must begin

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