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To Stand Before the Fire (Teren)

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To Stand Before the Fire (Teren) Empty
PostSubject: To Stand Before the Fire (Teren) To Stand Before the Fire (Teren) Icon_minitimeAugust 10th 2014, 17:45

Time had passed since the over taking of the old ways of Erenyx. Steele had long since been dead, his example struck fear and respect into many of the pack. Ranks had been changed and recently Magnus had told her that their mating had been approved. Now a few days later Chiara thought it high time to formally introduce herself to her new leader and extend her gratitude to him. The fae hadn't been totally devoid from her guardian duties, on the contrary she had taken to watching the new Alpha from the shadows. Being vigilant and crafty most of the last month was spent learning about his day and what wolves in the pack has distaste for him. Katyusha was at the top of her list, though the Elite had been scarce since Steele's death. Without confirming her hatred of Teren Chiara had a feeling the grey fae had ill feelings for how he killed Steele. Aside from her Chiara could identify no other potential enemies to him, and she had confidence even if there were some he could handle himself.

Still it was her duty to protect him and give her full loyalty to him. A feeling told her he wasn't the fondest of faes and would probably prefer a male to take her position. If he willed it then she would go along with it, but she would let him know that she would still protect him. Chiara had made her way to his cave, in her maw dangled the body of a freshly caught hare. Hoping it would please him the fae approached the opening of the cave, keeping a respectful distance. It was early evening and she knew soon he would awaken to go patrol the pack lands, she only hoped she didn't wake him up sooner than he would have liked. Not speaking Chiara simply placed the hare at her feet and cleared her throat to alert her presence to him. Time remembered from her old pack made her recall the old laws of faes. One didn't speak without permission or do much of anything in the presence of a Alpha unless ordered to. She would remain sitting there, silent, until he told her other wise. Such customs were still ingrained in her mind, only now she didn't back them up with fear. Now stood commitment and loyalty instead of a shaking, cowardly act.
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To Stand Before the Fire (Teren)

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