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Crystal - Rejoining

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PostSubject: Crystal - Rejoining Crystal - Rejoining Icon_minitimeSeptember 3rd 2014, 09:31

Name: Crystal

Gender: Female

Age: 3 years old

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Caretaker


Gray wolf Crystal stands at 33 inches in shoulder height. She measures from head to tail around 50 inches and weighs around 81 lbs. Crystal has a slender build with small, neat, compact paws. Her claws are a dark colour. Her coat is gray/brown on the top with her underside being a pale creamy colour. Her fur is thick and fluffy in the winter and smoother in the summer. Crystal has a narrow muzzle and clear light brown eyes. Her ears are set well apart on her head and have just a tiny bit of black at the tips. She has a 5 inch scar on her right shoulder and a 10 inch scar on her left hind leg. Also she has lots of little scars on her muzzle. Crystal has a gentle and caring nature and would try and lead any pups in her care to safety. Crystal is also fiercely loyal and if it came to it, then she would stand and fight with all she has, to protect the pups and pack.


Crystal - Rejoining Gray_wolf-t1

Note: I found this on google and all credit is to

Crystal was born into a small pack in a forest far away. She demonstrated a gentle and caring nature from an early age and enjoyed helping to teach the two litters of pups who were born after her, to hunt when she was old enough. However when she was two and a half years old, her life changed forever. Unbeknowen to Crystal's pack at the time, a small neighbouring pack had been invaded and wiped out by a much larger pack of wolves. The large pack of about 30 wolves which was called Tears of the Sun were still looking to expand their already ample territory and one day, they ambushed Crystal's pack. The whole pack was killed with the exception of Crystal and a yearling who, she was teaching as they were away hunting at the time.

Crystal and the yearling returned and sniffing the air, could smell that something was wrong. Quietly and stealthily, they padded through the forest until she came to the clearing where the pack's den was. Stopping in the shadows of the trees, Crystal could see the bodies of her pack scattered all around the clearing and the new pack were sniffing around. Knowing that they could not take on a pack of 30 wolves, Crystal decided to take the yearling and leave her home forever. As they turned to leave, the new pack's scouts spotted them and chased them to the borders of their lands where a fight took place. It was during this fight that Crystal sustained the little scars on her muzzle and the 5 inch scar on her right shoulder. Wounded, Crystal fled with the yearling until they were far from their home. They spent the next few months living on the fringes of other packs' territories, Crystal managing to keep them going by catching rabbits and other small prey for them both. One day just before Crystal turned three years old, the pair were walking through yet more forest, when a large male bear appeared from nowhere, on his way to a nearby river to hunt for salmon. Before Crystal could react, the bear spotted them and lunged. The bear killed the yearling and gave Crystal a 10 inch wound on her left hind leg as she tried to escape. Eventually Crystal escaped the bear and continued to wander looking for a pack to call home.

Joining Keys: Member posted the keys and have been removed for the fair joining of future members. -Elder Azul

How did you find Age? I was a member of Age but due to inactivity from RL issues,my account was deleted. I am determined not to let it happen again ^^.

Example Post:

Crystal awoke and peeped out from under a huge tree where she had hastily dug a hollow the night before, to see bright sunlight shining into a small clearing. Running through the clearing was a small clear stream and there small groups of bushes dotted around. Crystal rose to her feet, checked that there were no packs around by sniffing the air, before stretching and padding out into the warm sun. Once outside she yawned and stretched again before sitting down and looking around. All around her she could hear the sounds of nature and she felt although this was a lovely place, she was better off moving on and finding a pack to call home. Crystal had managed to catch quite a large wild rabbit the night before, so she wasn't very hungry and decided to just have a drink before moving on. Crystal once again rose to her feet and padded softly over to the stream.

After checking no wolves where around again, Crystal looked down at her reflection in the crystal clear water, for just the briefest of moments before bending her head and starting to drink. When she had drunk her fill, she checked around once more and then headed off into the trees. Walking through the forest, Crystal noticed that the sunlight was casting pools of golden light onto the forest floor through the trees which gave the place a mythical feel. All of a sudden there was a gap in the trees, so Crystal stopped and looked cautiously out. The section of forest had ended and between Crystal and the next section of forest, was a meadow with long grass. Crystal hesitated before moving quietly through the grass, listening all the time for any other sounds. She reached the other side of the meadow safely and headed off once more into the shade of the forest.
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Crystal - Rejoining Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crystal - Rejoining Crystal - Rejoining Icon_minitimeSeptember 3rd 2014, 13:42

Crystal - Rejoining R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, you are good to go. You do not need to do another border post. Please change your name to Caretaker Crystal. In the future if you take an absence, please let us know so this does not happen again. Welcome back!


Crystal - Rejoining M6DrTtH

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Crystal - Rejoining

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