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All about Warrior Teeku

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Profile - Warrior Teeku Black_wolf_pc_Tim_Springer
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3 Years
History :
Teeku was born into a small pack on a distant mountain. He was one of four pups in the litter. Three males and a single female. Out of the males of the litter Teeku was the smallest and was often shoved aside, and forgotten. But he managed to hang on to life, and proved to his mother and father he was a fighter. Once old enough to leave the den Teeku spent his days like most pups play fighting with his siblings. Not terribly dominant but not terribly submissive either Teeku learned to hold his own amongst his pack. But as the seasons changed and Teeku grew older so did the challenges his little pack faced. Relying heavily on the migration of a heard of elk Teeku's pack nearly starved their first winter. His sister passing away due to little food. Teeku may of followed suite if his father hadn't decided to relocate the pack. A risk considering Teeku and his remaining siblings weren't fully mature.

After a journeying away from their mountainous home Teeku's father and mother managed to lay claim to a small expanse of territory a few hundred miles from the mountain they'd once called home. Here the pack recovered from the harsh winter and the pups along with Teeku were taught how to hunt and fight. As Teeku aged it became apparent to the pack he was reckless and naïve. During his first hunt Teeku was kicked by an elk and bruised his ribs. His first swim he wandered too deep into the water and nearly drowned. Needless to say the fact he survived it to maturity was dumb luck. At the age of two Teeku was too reckless and unpredictable for his father's liking. He was asked to leave the pack or be exiled by force. Teeku opted to leave eager to explore without the restrictions of his pack. Teeku set out into the world on his own.

For five months Teeku managed to survive as a lone wolf. Quickly realizing he'd have to smarten up if he wished to live to the age of three. Now wiser than he once Teeku set out in search of a pack that might accept him. That is when he arrived in Age and met Guardian Rose of Helidos who said that he might just have a place among the packs ranks if he pledged his loyalty. Teeku accepted the offer and became a temporary omega to be trained under Rose.

Not long after his acceptance at the border, Teeku agreed to go into battle along side his new packmates. He knew little about the reasons behind the war he fought, except it endangered the pack he had just vowed his loyalty to. Determined not to lose what he had just gained, Teeku jumped into battle. His opponent unknown to him was a Delta of Erenyx by the name of Braelyn. She did her utmost to end his life right there and then. Teeku however refused to give in and managed to come out of the battle with his life. He did however receive a serious injury to his right hind limb. It left him to recover for several weeks after the war, whilst mourning Helidos's many losses.

It was after he healed from his wounds he was approached by Alphess of Helidos Rose. She granted him with his new rank of Warrior, which he accepted graciously. Shortly afterwards however, Alphess Rose passed away. Thrusting Teeku into the dark world of depression. Struggling to find meaning in his life, Teeku is trying to decide who he is without his beloved Rose around.
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Perhaps someday
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Dogsitter/ Dog Training Assistant/ Vet Tech Student/ Enjoys Roleplay, Dog Training, Tv binge watching, Huanted Houses & Theme Parks
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Warrior Teeku
Warrior Teeku
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