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All about Delta Tatsu

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4 Yrs
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Tatsu was born to a large northern valley pack. Close knit and powerful, the pack had a reputation for being unpredictable and dangerous. Her litter comprised of herself and two brute siblings, was that of the alpha and alphess. Her parents ran their pack with strict rules and structured training for all. They believed strongly in the unity of the pack and were not afraid to weed out those whos loyalty they felt was un true. Being the only female of her litter didn’t hinder Tatsu, she was determined and feisty from the time she left the den. Always pushing herself to out due her brothers and challenging them to spars. Hand picked by her parents, Tatsu was chosen to be raised and trained as a future Alphess for their pack. Tatu’s training never seemed to end. From the moment she could place a paw outside the den she was being taught in the ways of the pack. Their laws, their ways and how to fight. At two years of age Tatsu was commanded to banish a wolf from her pack. It was a test of her training and her abilities. Her parents watched carefully as she was shoved out into the clearing to face one of her brothers. The runt and omega of the pack. He’d been found fraternizing with outsiders and labeled a traitor. It broke Tatsu’s heart to attack her own kin, but she did it anyway. Believing it had to be done because that was what her parents wished. What they told her she must be able to do if she was going to become an Alphess. No wolf, not even one's own kin was above the law of the pack. So Tatsu battled her brother nearly killing him, receiving a tear in her ear and a scar over the top of her maw in the process. Her brother sent scampering from the pack bloodied and beaten. Her actions that day earned her the approval of her parents and their assurance she would one day become Alphess.

About five months after the fight, which left her brother nearly dead Tatsu was nearly finished with her training. Or at least the training she’d received from her parents. Tatsu’s mother was elderly and became ill. It was only a matter of time before she passed away leaving the opening for the Alphess position. But before she passed, Tatsu’s mother hand picked a brute from amongst the pack to become Tatsu’s mate. Tatsu fought this forced pairing for the longest time. But the brute eventually won her over and they mated in the winter before Tatsu’s third birthday. A month into her pregnancy Tatsu’s mother passed away. Tatsu like promised was made Alphess and her mate challenged her father for the position of Alpha, as dictated by their laws. But despite being an excellent fighter and great potential Alpha Tatsu’s mate lost the fight. Her father then proceeded to kill her mate. A betrayal Tatsu could not of seen coming nor could she tolerate. Destroyed by her mate’s death, Tatsu had no choice but to accept her father’s action or risk the death of her pups. So Tatsu stayed in the pack as acting Alphess alongside her father. But only long enough to give birth to her pups. She mothered a total of three healthy pups, but became distant from them, from her entire pack. Unable to come to terms with the death of her mate or her father’s betrayal, Tatsu left her pack when her pups were about six months of age. Feeling lost and filled with rage Tatsu ran as far from her pack as she could. Her heart however only felt worse as she traveled further and further from home. A hole left where her mate and pack had once been. Turning four years of age during her travels Tatsu wandered into Age. Here she learned of the packs within the area. One of which caught her interest, Pyrvanthros.

Here, she was accepted as a Warrior upon her arrival. Still battling with the guilt of her past decisions, Tatsu vowed to work extra hard to prove her worth. Not only to her packmates but to herself. More recently, she was bumped up to the rank of Delta alongside Xerentis.
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Delta Tatsu
Delta Tatsu
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