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All about Omega Twist

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Profile - Omega Twist Ogfaqa
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3 years
History :
Twist was the daughter to the Alpha and Alphas of a pack in the Northern lands of the Sonoran Desert. From the time she was born, to the time she reached a year old, Twist hardly saw her parents. They made occasional visit here and there, checking in on their ‘future Beta’. She was taking care of by one of the other Delta’s of the pack that had given birth around the same time her mother had with her, but after she was weaned, and was able to travel outside the den, she was trained by a trusted younger Beta by the name of Danahi was her caretaker. He wasn’t the happiest of wolves, but around Twist, his heart softened and the two grew to become the best of friends. He taught her everything she would need to know if her father was to chose her to become the female Beta.

But that all changed, when the enemy pack from the West came and ambushed their home. Many were killed, or were ran out from the territory. After the day long battle, all that was left was Danahi, Twist’s father, and a few scouts, the healer, and Twist herself. Twist’s father was heartbroken, his mate had died in battle, and just the site of his pack getting wiped out was enough to make him go mad. Twist would try to consult him, but he snapped at her, and at times abused her with words, or physically.

Moons passed and in the shelter they had managed to find a few miles outside of their old territory, Twist awoke in the dead of a snowstorm to a loud howl of pain. Rushing to it, she found her father being mauled by a pair of pumas. The cats ran at the site of her, and left Twist with the horrid image of her father lying on the ground… Being the youngster she was, she ran over to her father… He was still breathing when she walked over to him, but his eye had been ripped from it’s socket, and his stomach was torn open, displaying his organs. This horrid image was enough to make Twist throw up, and she ran back to the small pack she had left, shaken up.

They asked her what had happened to her father, and she just told them he disappeared. Danahi didn’t believe her of course, but Twist couldn’t tell them the truth. It would just be her memory to haunt her, and her alone. After that, Twist suggested Danahi lead the back somewhere further, since the new pack from the West seemed to be spreading out their territory again. He accepted, and took the rest of them further East.

Twist struggled with grief daily, but no one knew how to help the pup. She had reached the age of two by now, and was technically an adult wolf, but she wouldn’t take up the role of Alphas in the small pack. The others understood, but they seemed a bit confused on what to do. Twist just let it go, and kept to herself. Soon the warm spring came and a few of the scout couples had, had litter a pups. It lightened Twist mood, but she was still uncomfortable with it all.

So by late Spring, Twist invited Danahi to leave with her further up East, in search of new land. He accepted and the two set off. A few moons passed, and in the summer months of her second year, Danahi and Twist were joined with a small group of other wolves, that they had met in the highlands. They seemed alright, but this isn’t where Twist wanted to be… She didn’t fit in with the other wolves, and one of the females they had met had clearly gotten love-struck over Danahi. And Danahi had clearly fallen for her. So Twist was now alone, and didn’t really want to stick around any longer.

So in late summer, Twist set out on her own. She left to head out farther East, if that was even possibly, her and the small group had traveled far in the past few moons, but she found a place to the south of where they traveled and it seemed to be just fit for a lone wolf. She made her home here, and for the late summer and into fall she kept it up.

Late in the second moon of Fall, Twist encountered a handsome rogue male, and invited him into her territory. After countless nights of him and her talking over different things, the two noticed they had something for one another, and admitted their love… The two then fell into a relationship, and later in the Fall, Twist became pregnant. Life went on, and she became ill, too the point she couldn’t leave the den, her mate not knowing what to do, left to go back to his home pack and try to bring a healer from there. As he was gone, Twist lost the pups…

Then after a few sunrises, he never returned… Twist later got news, that he had died in a riot with an enemy pack. Alone, the damsel head off from her former territory, hoping all memories would stay there with it. But now, she’s entered a new stage in her life… As an independent damsel… Her past still haunts her, but she’s hoping to find a new pack, and start over…
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Is sleeping a job?
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A magician walking down the street, turned into a grocery store.
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