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All about Autay Illias

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4 years old
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The Tepres Pack had spanned for generations - with each alpha, they became stronger and more stern. The pack preserved merely a small section of territory at one time, but the wolves that resided within were ambitious; they wanted far more to own. The beginning alpha, Ionden, set the way for many alphas after him to come to rule strongly. Ionden separated his pack accordingly to what talents his members might have - the best of his pack included those that served for the shadows. These wolves listened only to the alpha - they were not allowed to openly express their opinions. They were impeccably strong, and with their help, the wolves accomplished a satisfactory state of life. Other portions of this pack included strong warriors, spies, herbalists, and those with a strong intelligence level to advise the alpha. It is to be said that Ionden was never a meek wolf; he was not a physically strong wolf, but his intelligence brought his subordinates domination. If death was not an option he wished to take, then he would merely outsmart his opponents and play with them mentally. However, he was not hesitant to give the command to bring down his opponents. The packs surrounding the Tepresinians quickly realized they were in danger, and within his alpha reign Ionden brought down and eradicated many packs that offered a better source of territory. Wolves that did not want death were given the option to run or to join his own pack. The packs that were not forced to disband were forced to offer their own resources in the name of the honorable name of Alpha Ionden. This totalitarianism state of leadership lasted successfully for a handful of succeeding alphas, but things never last long.

Just as the sun was about to disappear beyond the horizon on a rainy day in spring, Illias and her brothers were born to their Tepresinian parents. Their lives were simple with warm food, shelter, and a level of mindset that there was nothing to be afraid of. There were no quarrels inside or outside of the Tepres Pack due to the level of dominance that was had over the surrounding packs. There was no other more smarter than their leader, Cyrano - or so they were told and learned to think. Illias was a sweet and gentle whelp, who kept her brothers out of mischief and calmed their scratches when the boys did scuffle. With a vibrant mind full of questions, she asked to be put as a healer's apprentice. As soon as she was age, she started learning the uses of herbs. Two of her brothers were also put to become warriors that would serve the higher wolves as guards. However, there was one brother that did not quite find his place in life. Unfortunately for him, the path that was chosen for him cost him those dear to him. Locke, the troubled pup, had been decided to enter the ranks of the Shadows. With a firm rule against talking to others, and the general plague that others thought of his rank, Illias' brother Locke was considered unfit to be around. Torn between her love of her brother and the path his life had taken, Illias followed suit with the others of her pack and generally ignored him. It tore her apart on the inside to cast her brother out, but the hive mindset of her pack formed peer pressure in the works of her mind and made her feel that if she hung near her brother her own appearance would be diminished. Furthermore, Locke had no time for company with her - his training was rigorous, and he had little time to be around others. Instead, Illias focused on her training as a healer and her mind flourished with the knowledge of medicine to heal the afflicted. Her mentor, Advis, taught her well and Illias was able to take care of others with little supervision in no time. Life seemed bright in her pack, and Illias was a cheerful and bright young girl. However, problems arose in her line of work that made her stomach turn. As her brother Locke was forced to continue his training, the young male was brought to the healing den by their father and gave the command to Advis to serve poison to the apprentice. Unbeknownst to the group, Illias listened with horror to the discussion. The Shadows believed that if poison was consumed and treated, then the consumer would grow immune to the power. It was foolish. Frightened for her brother, Illias approached the group hastily. "Advis, please, allow me to partake in the supply of poison. I am ready - I want to show my devotion to our leader and prove to myself that I am worthy of this profession." Pleadingly she looked at her mentor with need. Illias could not allow her brother to die; Especially not for some barbaric custom that the Tepresinians had once believed. Advis peered upon his apprentice, a spark igniting in his eyes for a moment, before looking back to the two Shadows that had approached him. "Very well. Illias will handle the boy. Leave us to Locke. We will find you when we are ready." Illias had felt the cold, hard eyes of her father tracing her pelt, and fear ran through her, but the brute proceeded to listen to the healer and left the den with a growl and a flick of the tail.

Suddenly fearful that Advis would have her poison her own brother, Illias' breath stopped. However, as her mentor looked to her, she could see a soft smile creep upon his lips for a moment before fading. The male proceeded to his supply of herbs, and brought to Illias a bundle wrapped in leaves. A sickening feeling grew in her stomach. Her eyes darted to Locke, his yellow globes alight with a trace of fear, before a paw rested upon her own. Mumbling into her ear, Advis spoke soothingly. "Do not worry, dear. I will not have you poison the shadow." Hope lit in the mind of the young healer. Taking the herbs to her brother, she spoke to him and told him to chew the herbs. Moments past before the male reacted sickeningly to the medicine. For a moment Illias feared that it had all been a ploy, but Advis approached her should and nudged it. "Stay strong." As she watched her brother grow sick, Illias turned away and allowed him to finish. After only a few moments, he quieted down and they allowed him to rest in the corner of their den after taking a soothing herb. "Illias, follow me." Following her mentor into the surrounding forest, she was led through turns and twists until finally they made their way behind a waterfall. It's thundering presence was loud, but Advis turned to his apprentice and smiled. "My dear, there are concerns for the safety of our pack under Lord Cyrano's rule. He is naive, and his choices are weak and selfish. I have seen promise in you, Illias. I want you to join me in leaving this land. There will be blood once our leader has his paws on your brother; he is too delved into the belief that our alpha is wise. The most entirety of our pack suckles on the decisions that he 'gifts' to us. Once he has control over that boy, there will be nothing but pain for the surrounding lands. I do not ask you to make your decision now; However, consider it before Locke turns old enough to wreck havoc under Cyrano's command. Such a sweet boy does not have the sight to see through the mask - but you do, dear. What I gave you to treat Locke was an emetic - it forced his body to grow sick and induce vomiting. Likely the boy would only assume it was poison's work, and can not speak of its side effects to his mentors now, can he? It will not hurt him. However, do not practice the treatment with any others around. If you can, always have me there to assist you. I do not want you hurt. Now, help me gather herbs before we return so we do not do so with nothing."

She had not known what to say. Until that day, her belief in her leader had been unwavering and she had been devoted to making her pack a better place. What did Advis mean? Why would there be blood if Locke rose to Cyrano's full control? While her mind played on the words of omen, she continued her training and found light once more in the practice of helping others. On the side, however, she could see the trouble that Locke was facing. So young but so strong, he was a warrior with only his leader's morals. He was sent out unto the other packs' lands, and came back with offerings for Cyrano. Illias was beginning to understand Advis' omen. One night they returned to the waterfall and spoke. The she-wolf was nearing her second year, ready to relinquish her title of apprentice and gain her full healing credential. However, Locke had long been in the work of his own profession. It saddened the she-wolf to see him fallen so low. She had a bad feeling. Advis had seen it long ago. "I can not leave, Advis, but I understand what you told me long ago. What do you think will come of the works of Locke?" Her mentor was quiet for a moment before speaking. "Rebellion is all I can assume. How it will go though I do not know. ..Illias, do you know why your eye sparkles blue but your parents shine yellow and brown? Your blood runs in Cyrano too. While most all of our coats are white as the snow that fills this land, it is he that has the sapphire blue that glimmers in hue. Confident that the symbolic yellow eyes would run down to her pups, your mother bedded the alpha as he asked her to. It was my unfortunate crossing that found this out. Your father takes it out on that poor brother of yours, as he suspects it true, and Cyrano could care less about the lineage he fathered. You must understand, Illias. This leader does not rule true." In shock, Illias felt her stomach turn, before a loud noise arose from the pack camp. Battle cries.

Their paws were quick as they charged through the lands, but when they arrived the end was there. Guards were felled, several corpses littered the floor, and many were captured. The two healers felt their breath stop. It was only when a white flash sparked across the clearing that their jaws drop. Locke flew from the shadows his teeth clamping on the enemies that posed before him. Blood stained the ground that once held life for the Tepresinians. Now the last line of defense stood stricken at his deeds in a puddle of blood that he had spilled. The remaining foes quickly scurried the captives and resources that they had claimed and left. What they had came to do was finished. The Tepres Pack was no more. Watching her mother leave with the others, Illias withdrew into herself and gazed at the scene. What she had once thought was her father lay dead on the floor, along with her two other brothers. The wolf that had only just been told to share her own blood lay in pieces on the floor. There was nothing here, aside from the brother that stood with his white pelt covered in blood. Attempting to step out from her hiding spot, Illias was stopped by a familiar paw. Advis shook his head. "Let him bear his own life now, dear. There will be many things he will have to understand. He needs to seek his own morality and senses now. Come. We will head towards else where." Her heart torn between the two, Illias succumb and followed the healer. She knew not the wolf Locke had become. However, her heart reached out to him. "Good luck, brother. May you find a better life."

While lacking in strength herself, Illias found that the healer that had mentored her was strong and competent in battle. With his strength brought food, and with their wits the two lasted as rogues together for almost a year. It was at this time that they found themselves upon a small, content pack that welcomed them across their borders. With winter on the way, the pack was in need of healers and excess hunters to supply food. Advis was put as a hunter, while Illias, uncomfortably, found herself using their healer's den. It was an absolute mess and it stunk. There were little herbs to work with, either. However, the two made due and found themselves in winter. Illias had recognized a shortage of females early into her residence, and as winter arose so did the spirits of the males. Embarrassed, she hid from their calls and attempts. Advis was her protector, and managed to keep away any who attempted to bed her. Finally, sick of the constant attempts, Illias ran from the home she had came upon only so short ago. It was nothing like her own. She hated it. Advis followed, and led her to a neighboring cave to escape from the snowfall that was beginning to fall. They were close, and kept each other alive for the remainder of winter. They continued for yet another One and a half years, and now Illias was moons before her fourth birthday. She still thought of her old home, and Locke, but mostly concentrated on surviving. However, it was one day that they set paw into the wrong terrain. Rain crashed upon the land, and their sense of direction was diminished. Advis let the way, searching for shelter, while Illias brought the rear tired and hungry. She knew Advis would find a way; he always did. However, as her paw steps fell upon rock, a bad feeling lit in her chest. Before she could call to Advis, his body fell from where she had last seen him. He tumbled down into the canyon, and as the rain lay fog upon the bottom only a faint splash could be heard. Illias stoof still for a moment, before sickness overwhelmed her and her legs buckled beneath her. "ADVIS! ADVIS!" She called to the pit beneath her, but there was no answer. He must have been so tired and dreary that he had not seen the ledge. Heartbroken, Illias lay in the rain for many hours before standing. She had loved him, but never had they spoken it. Numbly she walked. She stayed a rogue until entering the lands that no longer felt cold to the touch. She would find a place to put her kindness to good use once more. She thought back to the teachings she had been given from Advis and smiled. Perhaps she would do it differently this time, though. Maybe one day she would meet her brother again, too.
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