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All about Autay Spencer

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Profile - Autay Spencer Wolf_WisT1202-Nan-09
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Autay of Agavos
Age :
3 years old
History :
Born on a warm March night in an abandoned cave just right off the coast of the rouge and exile's border line, it had been quiet a weary and tiring journey from pregnancy to birthing for Spencer's mother Diana but she couldn't have been happier when she finally gave birth to her son. With warm comforting feeling and sound of a mother's love and heartbeat the small brute known as Reid survived a long time despite the lands conditions. Being the only pup in his mothers first little things got very lonely as he grew, not having siblings to play with or even talk to and having his mother constantly leaving him behind for endless hours took a huge toll on the brute. As time went on and Spencer grew things began to change between his family, his father had become quiet distant and he often found his mother and him fighting. Despite the arguing the small child did his best to distract himself with knowledge but after a while the distraction quiet working and he often found himself eavesdropping on there conversation.

By the age of two the fighting had still not stopped and it got to a point to where Spencer's father decided to leave, the cause of this left Spencer feeling empty inside and thinking that the reason for all the fighting and his father's departure was because of him. But no matter how hard his mother tried to convince him that none of it was his fault he still felt as if it were, as the male grew older his knowledge grew larger and his mother began to get worse. Having developed a few serious illnesses since his father had left Spencer found himself having to take care of her at a young age. As the days grew longer and the nights grew shorter the young man found himself not being able to take care of his mother like he used to. Therefor he turned to some friends who took her into there custody within there pack leaving the young male feeling heartbroken, despite the many offers to stay with his mom he turned them down telling everyone he needed to get away and clear his mind which is just what he did. A year of travels quickly passed as the young brute found himself stumbling upon packs left and right some hostile and others quiet remote and quiet, during the small stops at the remote pack territories he made a few friends. But one day everything changed for the brute, while stationed in a new packs territory he found himself becoming quiet interested in a certain female named May. The two became friend's quickly and she would always talk to him, though on this certain day he had found himself helping out the fae. May held the position of Autay, having not heard about such rank Spencer found himself getting curious as to what she did. Therefor on this specific day she offered to show him around and teach him a bit about the job, being the eager learner he is the brute didn't turn down the offer and spent the last few weeks in May's pack learning all that there was to learn about Autay's. On his last day as a remote member of the pack Spencer found himself not wanting to leave due to the bonds that he had created with the pups and May during the time he had stayed there. Before going he promised his friend that he wouldn't forget the adventures and bonds that they had created during his short stay, it was heart breaking to see the small children upset about his leave but he promised that he would return to see them one day and explained that he was moving onto better places and spreading the knowledge and love to other pups like them. So after that the brute set off on his journey once again only to stumble across another pack's border lines a few months later. Wanting to keep his promise to the small children and May he found himself wandering onto the borders in hope of a new start.
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The Tardis
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Autay Spencer
Autay Spencer
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