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All about Healer Crow

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Profile - Healer Crow Crowpr11
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3 Years
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Crow was raised by a fae named Quail, a small fae she was rather frail and delicate. Before having Crow, Quail was a loner roaming the forests around the mountains. She’d always been a loner, having been born to loner parents. So when Quail met a brute and the pair mated she didn’t stick around. Quail being a loner at heart felt she could better raise her pups by herself. She was stubborn and determined but at heart a bit of a coward. So after a successful mating, Quail roamed the thick forest she called home in search of a safe place to raise her pups. She eventually found a small bit of territory on the side of a rocky mountain. There she gave birth to five pups, two of which died within hours of delivery. The remaining three, all brutes, she named Crow, Sparrow and Thrush. Thus began Crow’s life.

Quail managed to keep her pups alive by hunting small game and stealing from nearby packs. It wasn’t an easy life and constantly put the fae in danger. Despite this however, Quail managed to keep her boys alive through their first few months of life. Having no father figure or male role model, Crow and his brothers were left to figure things out amongst themselves. As the months progressed and they turned into juveniles, the three became more and more rowdy. Knowing her ever growing pups were becoming restless, Quail started taking them on hunting trips. In the summer months when the prey was plentiful, hunting small game between the four of them kept them alive. But as winter crept up on them and the pups neared a year of age prey became more difficult to find. Despite their thieving from surrounding packs Quail knew it wouldn’t be enough to keep herself and pups alive. So she started teaching the boys to hunt larger game. Desperate for food however, Quail pushed her pups too far, too fast. Encouraging them to go after game too big and powerful for their age and skill level. This decision lead to the death of Crow’s brother Sparrow.

It happened on a hunt of a young but powerful buck. Crow and his mother had flanked the buck driving it towards his brothers. They started to run the creature, things seemingly working alright. That was until they went in for the attack. Here it was obvious the buck was too strong but Crow’s mother refused to back down. Loyal to their mother, Crow and his brothers attempted to take down the buck. In the process all were injured but Sparrow received several blows to the sternum via the bucks hooves. After several failed attempts to bring the creature down, Quail finally called her pups off. It wasn’t until later that night however that the extent of Sparrow’s injuries were realized. The bucks kicks causing him to bleed internally and die. The loss tore the family apart. They became solemn for months barely speaking. Feelings of anger and loss plaguing Crow, he soon grew to resent his mother.

Just before Crow’s second birthday, his mother nearly made the same mistake again. This time with an elk, it was young and healthy and just too strong for Quail and her two boys to take down. But Quail like always threw caution to the wind and encouraged her boys to hunt the elk. When Crow refused, him and Quail argued. Crow was done being bossed around by his mother however. The loyalty he had once held for her gone. He just couldn’t forgive her for Sparrow’s death. So when he turned two years old Crow decided to leave his mother forever. He tried in vain to get his brother Thrush to come along. Thrush however refused and remained with Quail. Disappointed Crow set off without him, determined to leave Quail and the memory of Sparrow behind him.

Crow lived as a loner for just about a year. Traveling far from home Crow’s ventures were anything but peaceful. The land around his former home filled with unwelcoming packs who didn’t take kindly to his thieving. But thieving was what Crow had been raised to do, the way he knew how to survive. So he just became rather sneaky about it, supplementing his diet with small game as his mother had done. Despite meeting mostly unfriendly canids during his time as a loner, Crow did run into one loner. A red wolf by the name of Reddington. A tiny brute who did not choose to chase Crow away. No instead, Reddington shared his kill with Crow and a friendship blossomed between the pair. Before departing from one another Reddington shared some of his knowledge of herbs with Crow. Crow had never been shown how to heal anything before. Fascinated he picked up quickly on the topic, imagining what it would of been like had he known the information when his brother had been injured. Crow spent the majority of the fall gleaning new information from Reddington, it wasn’t until the odd brute disappeared that Crow moved on to Age.
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Healer Crow
Healer Crow
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