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All about Omega Faust

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Profile - Omega Faust JGMUhld
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2 years
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Faust, was born from Roan Donatello Lanarlett, and Iona Tirza Bachniquel. His parents were second in command in the ranks of his birth pack, the pack wasn’t a very friendly, or pleasant bunch, but they weren’t cruel, by definition. The pack was a structured and in-line place, except the rules didn’t apply to those in high command.

Right from birth, Faust was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, as was his brother, and his sister was to follow their mother. Roan Donatello Lanarlett, was not a nice fellow. He pushed his two sons to the limits, making them do things that were definitely not expected of them at their age. Punishing them, when they didn’t not meet his outrageous requirements. All the other wolves either turned a blind eye or didn’t care for the mistreatment of the two pups. They knew that if they tried to say anything, they would get attacked by the father, and Roan had many allies in the pack, including the Alphas.

While, Mephis, Faust’s brother, was always obedient and followed all of Roan’s orders, even putting himself on the brink of a stressful break down to overachieve. Faust always had a slight anger to his father’s orders, he followed them, but did it with a sour face. Faust always thought, Mephis was so eager to please their father, because it was clear who Roan favored out of the two, even though said son wasn’t too happy about taking his father’s role as second in command.

Mayberri was Mephis and Faust’s sister, she was sweet and kind and thoughtful, just like their mother. It was often that Mayberri and Faust would run off and hide in their secret place, whenever they got sick of Roan barking orders, and Mephis always a step behind. They always planned for an escape, to run off and explore the world. It never happened.

Faust didn’t have many friends in the pack, he and Mephis were isolated at best. Though whatever friends he did make, his father scared them off. Claiming their ideals and ideas would interfere with Roan’s teachings. Mephis never questioned it, though Faust did, but never voiced them.

Mephis, Mayberri, and Faust were just a year old when Faust reached his breaking point. It was one normal evening, on a repeated day. That Roan took his boys out to monitor the borders of the pack’s territory. An unseen cougar had pounced on the trio. Tackling Mephis to the ground and clawing at the adolescent. Faust was going to help his brother, but his father stopped him. Telling him that Mephis had to fight his way out. Faust watched in horror as the rather large cougar was beating poor Mephis down. It was then Faust snapped out of his stupor and pushed Roan aside. Charging at the mountain lion, and putting all of the predator’s attention on him. Mephis pushed himself up and was going to attempt to return the favor, but as before Roan stopped Mephis, and told him the same thing he told Faust. This time Mephis didn’t help his brother. The mountain lion dealt massive blows to the 1-year old, giving him scars across his neck that stretched to his shoulder, as well as leaving a particularly large one at his abdomen and stomach. The cougar also nearly tore off the young wolf’s tail. Faust fought the cougar to his near last breath, until Roan stepped in and helped Faust run it off. The trio limped home, and Faust received healing from the pack there.

It was only a few days later, when Faust was strong enough to run, that he poured his rage at his father publicly, in front of the whole pack. Faust yelled, how cruel, selfish and careless the bastard was. How he was going to let Mephis die, and how it wasn’t fair to treat Mephis lesser than he was. Mephis didn’t do anything, he remained quiet in the background, and if anything seemed angry himself, not at Roan but at Faust, for bringing up the obvious fact of who their father preferred. Roan got more furious by the second at Faust’s rant. It unleashed a tide of rage from Roan, that Faust never seen, and didn't want to see again. Roan lashed out at Faust, throwing him to the ground, and started to bite and claw at his son. Eventually chasing the male out of the pack territory, and well 1 or 2 miles away. It was that day Faust was exiled from the pack, and gaining a few more scars on his face from his father.

That day is not known as one of Faust’s best memories, but it certainly was a good one. As he didn’t have to deal with his father no more. He still felt alone without his sister though, except she was in his mother’s care so he didn’t have to worry for Mayberri's safety. Though he was still injured he made sure he was well enough to fend for himself in case his rant went down this route. Faust spent the next eight months living on his own, and exploring the world around him. Living his life the way he wanted and even living out a few childhood dreams, the way he couldn’t when he was in the pack. He stopped being a pup the moment he was born. His curiosity got the best of him, when he went to visit his old pack again.

Faust spied on his old pack, keeping unseen. It was near dark and the clouds were setting in, he was going to leave when he had his fill of a check-up on the pack, when he noticed really out of order in the pack. Faust wasn’t paying attention at the moment when he heard the shriek, though he didn’t care the cause, as he was sent into a rage when he saw an unknown male slap his sister, Mayberri. He uncovered his hidden location, and head-butted the male away from his sister, she had a surprised but relieved look on her face, tears as well for her brother. Faust gave her a smile before turning to the male ready to fight, when behold, his father Roan Donatello Lanarlett stepped in. He had a stern look on his face, and beside him a much grown Mephis stood. Roan was very pissed about Faust’s return, but when the exiled son questioned Mayberri’s safety, to Faust’s disgust, Roan simply dismissed it as Mayberri acting up to her assigned mate. Lightning struck and it started to rain. Roan had started to try and chase off Faust again, except Faust took a wrong route and ended up at a dead end cliff. It was a small and quick battle between father and son, Mayberri had followed and tried to stop it, Faust rammed his father, and Roan slipped on the slick mud, and went tumbling down the cliff. Taking Mayberri down with him. Faust tried to save his sister, but wasn’t fast enough. He wasn’t given time to mourn, as Mephis had arrived and jumped to conclusions. Screaming out that Faust had killed the king and the princess. Faust had no idea, when the rank changed happened, but didn’t have time to think as the rest of the pack chased him out of the territory, with Mephis leading.

Faust had to keep moving for the next months, the pack was split. Some running off and becoming loners, or creating new packs. The rest followed Mephis, and hailed him as their new leader. Mephis went insane after Roan and Mayberri’s death, obsessed with finding their falsely accused murderer, and killing him.
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