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All about Warrior Vanessa

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[Born - 1]
Born on an early morning, the sun beginning to rise, she was the last to be birthed by the expecting mother. Four pups, all healthy and strong except for Vanessa. She was smaller then her siblings, the runt of the family. She was healthy at the time, but being pushed away from her mother's belly started to take important nourishment away. However, she was able to fight her way (after a few failed attempts) against her mothers warm belly and suckle away. It seemed as if it were only yesterday when the young pups were born, and they were already growing as fast as Kira (their mother) could imagine. The pups would grow up without a father, for she had eloped with the beta male of the pack. He had a mate, and pups of his own but he couldn't keep his eyes from the beautiful female. He would not claim them, for he would not ruin his own mate and pup's lives. Vanessa and her siblings didn't have a fatherly figure to grow up with, but they loved their mother and that was what counted. Vanessa being the runt of the litter often stayed close to her mother when she was developed enough to see, walk and even run. She had become quite shy, not really knowing the other pups and her siblings pushing her out of their games. She was the weakling, the baby as they called her. She would follow her mother, when she would leave the den but was not allowed to leave camp. So when her mother left to go hunt or stretch her legs, she was forced to interact with other adults and pups.

When she was left alone, others would pick on her and she finally had enough. Instead of getting angry, she was very kind and even playful. She showed them, even though her size was small she could still be a fun and playful pup. She was also quite talkative, which made her seem like a bit of nuisance but she still developing and growing. She was a social butterfly often wanting to hear stories from the elders, or just listen to important news. She would do this for many weeks, coming out of her shell even more each time. Even though she was told not to go outside camp walls (yet, for she was 12 weeks old and allowed but she was told she was to small), she did. The curiosity of the outside world, was quite strong in the young pup. This was the more rebellious side of her, and she enjoyed it. She was small, and 'fragile' like so doing something good for the pack and hoping to catch something would prove her self worth. Proving that she was not just a pup but a young adult would show she could do everything her siblings did. Having followed a butterfly for most of her walk, she stopped when she heard voices. They sounded cold, and harsh, not like the friendly voices she was used to. Creeping through the brush, she got low and was able to crawl under the lifted branches and hide. Through the thick green leaves she saw her mother, which made her heart flutter. She wanted to go out and speak to her then when she heard another voice. Pushing back a bit, she turned her head only to see the beta. She recognized him from when her mother spoke of the high rank wolves. Vanessa knew there was something wrong by the way Cadgare was pacing, and the way her mother snapped at him.

She didn't understand what they were fighting about, but the fight only seemed to grow worse. Vanessa felt scared for her mother, for Cadgare was much bigger than her and stronger. When he lunged at her, something vicious coming from his lips, Vanessa ran out of the bushes to help her mother. Kira saw Vanessa burst from under the brush and she was momentarily distracted by her daughter. Kira was pinned by Cadgare, and when Vanessa bit his tail he snarled and kicked her off. Vanessa rolled against the dirt, light headed and coughing. She managed to get up and run at her mother, this time hoping to help her. Before her eyes, Cadgare grabbed Vanessa's mother and ripped open her throat as if it were nothing. Vanessa ran to her mother, yips of fear coming from her jaws. "Mama! Mama!" The words tumbled from her lips, as she pressed to her. Kira was already dead by the time Vanessa reached her, and Cadgare ran off into the bushes, leaving the pup about a mile from home. She sat, pressed against her mother, in a pool of blood shivering from what she had just witnessed. Something changed inside of her from that day on, nothing would ever be the same.

After being discovered two days later by a patrol, Vanessa was forced away from her mother covered in wet and dried blood. She was suspected at first, for the murder of her mother but she had been to young. She had been questioned by both the alpha and alphess, asking if her mother had been attacked by a rogue wolf. Before she could even let the true story spill from her lips, Cadgare swooped in with fake pity and said that he was sure it was a rogue. He had caught scent of rogues quite a few times on the border, and taking a life of one wolf was easier without a patrol. Vanessa had opened her mouth to say it was not true but Cadgare hushed her, and looked to his Alpha. "I can take the young pup for training, since she is becoming of age." He had said and while it was a sudden and strange request it was granted. It was from then on that Vanessa's life twisted and changed, but not for the better.

[1 - 2]

Under apprenticeship of Cadgare, Vanessa had to keep her mouth shut. Cadgare not only threatened her but her siblings. She cared for her siblings, but none of them would ever believe her or that Cadgare was evil. She had tried to tell her siblings, but they brushed it off as a tragic nightmare. They were more interested in how Vanessa was doing in training, and what rank she was going hold. It was then that Vanessa found herself drawing inwards, becoming more quiet and cold. For months under Cadgare's training, she said not a word to him, she only trained as she was told. She refused to go alone with him, and always went in groups. She trained with groups of wolves, being taught by not just Cadgare, but the other older wolves. They taught her how to be skilled in fighting and hunting, as well as stalking and learning to detect prey. Vanessa became an introvert, but instead of being shy she was very cold. The secret that Cadgare forced her to keep ate at her insides, making her feel nothing but anger and hate towards him. He knew that she had developed a hatred for him, and instead of wanting to calm the flames, he challenged in more spiteful ways. Trying to see if he could have her attack first, and by killing her it would look as if he had tried self defense. None of his prods and pokes worked, for Vanessa only savored those moments in time. She never let her anger control her, it calmed her instead. He would understand one day why, but for now she remained silent continuing vigorous training for months. Vanessa trained for over a year under Cadgare, finally getting out from under him at two years of age. She was advanced to a fighter, and she finally felt the freedom to speak. She did not, and it wasn't because of Cadgare's threats. It was because she had already made up her mind, his death would be by her teeth and claws.

Warm blood mixed with silver saliva dripped ever so gently off of ivory fangs, emerald green eyes bright in the moonlight. Vanessa had done what she had dreamed of doing since she had witnessed the monster (now slain) kill her mother. It had been easy to lure him out of camp, telling him that she needed him at the border because she had caught scent of a trespassing pack. She had him come urgently, and he did. She had a feeling he could have known it was a trap, but Vanessa was much faster than he. She was much smaller than him, granted he was stronger, but with her quick slashes and bites, he was pinned. She wasted no time killing him, doing her best to avoid his snapping teeth. He had managed to claw her side and nip the side of her muzzle, but nothing stopped her from killing him. She had to live with the torment of not only her mind but of Cadgare's whispers. She knew he would take the first opportunity to kill her, so she took first chance. Ripping out his throat was pure satisfaction for Vanessa, and it was easy. Easier than she had thought, and she had no intention of returning home. Home was nothing to her, and even though she cared for her siblings, she couldn't return to them. Not with who she had become, and not with how they thought of her. Vanessa was much better on her own, and without a glance back the young vixen left. She wandered for six months, almost coming to the ripe age of three when she came upon these lands. They held life, and promise, something she had not come upon in quite some time. It was time for her to quit the life of a loner, and become a pack member again.
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