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All about Elite Nnlya

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6 Years
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Recent History

Nnlya discovered the borders of a pack known as Helidos. She released a great call and was answered by their Beta Marrok. Though she was foolish and cocky at first, she quickly earned his trust and gained entrance to their lands as a Warrior. Her first day in the pack saw her find her closest friend and greatest rival. In Edens Hollow she met Guardian Fel and Lead Hunter Eclipse. Again she was cocky and foolish, though the Guardian was quick to reprimand and show the fae her place. She was no longer an Alpha-heir and therefore had to earn the respect of her pack. In Eclipse she found a close friend and confidant, they often joked amongst themselves that they were each others adoptive sibling. Eclipse reminded her both in look and demeanour of her brother Onyx, whilst she reminded him of his sister Blizard with her Warriors attitude and self-assuredness.

Her second day brought the introduction of a second friend. Through the simple task of hunting, she met fellow Warrior, Ace. Through the event, they bonded some and became loyal packmates and good friends. Indeed it seemed Nnlya was getting to make some good relationships in this place called Helidos.

Nnlya spent her days training and hunting. At times she would run a border patrol, ensuring the safety of her new family. After a few months she finally journeyed to the Serenity Falls in neutral lands. Here she swam, losing herself in the fun of the moment, only to be discovered by a newly accepted Warrior named Drogo. He was stiff and formal, so completely opposite to her. And yet, they bonded so easily. She teased him and laughed whilst he tried to understand her motives. They came to know each other's stories and she broke her only rule. She told him everything. And he did not spook. He comforted her as she comforted him as it seemed they would be each other's light in the darkness.

Around this time, her friend Eclipse asked her for training. His beloved mate, Creek, was expecting pups and he wished to have the ability to protect them. Using his hunting skills, she helped him translate what he already knew into his own fighting style that would prove useful in his familial life.

Returning from one of her lessons with Eclipse, Nnlya came across a new female Warrior called Yiska. As it was, the new fae had sought out Nnlya and Drogo for some training. On the following day their training began, accompanied by a new Hunter known as Altair who wished to add to his skill set. The day went interestingly enough, considering the minor sprain this Warrior sustained through an accident.

Soon after, a pack meeting was called by their great Alpha Azul. He appointed Nnlya and Drogo Deltas of Helidos.

With this promotion came new duties, namely that of patrolling the packs borders and accepting new members. In this job, Nnlya exceeded, accepting a good number of new recruits into their ranks.

Soon enough the new pups were born and Nnlya had the honour of meeting them. She congratulated both Aurora and Creek on their success. But she also took the time to meet some of the yearlings.

During this time Nnlya also grew strong feelings for the other Delta. It was an uncommon feeling for her, but also difficult as she believed he would never return those feelings. One morning he invited her on a walk to the Cathedral Mountains. And it was there that things went awry. After playful chasing there came a serious conversation, one that was interrupted by a great landslide. The wall of stone separated the Deltas and produced a thig cloud of choking dust. Both wolves searched for many long hours, injuring themselves greatly. But neither could get past the Great Wall to find the other. So Nnlya dragged herself back to pack grounds for healing.

On her travels she met three of those whose origin was their rival. Irrationality, Cassiopeia and Tye. Their meeting was cordial at best, though her trust only ranged so far.

There was one particular wolf she met on her patrols whom she befriended. Jackle was given the rank of healer when he came to the pack and he was kind and gentle. The Delta made friends with the male, unaware of the crush he was developing on her.

There came a pack meeting where, after experiencing so much hardship, the Great Azul stepped down as Alpha and handed the leadership to an old friend known ad Quinn.

But then there came the game changer. Newly promoted Elite Nnlya - after the voluntary exile of Aurora - finally believed she had come to terms with the suspected death of her friend Drogo. Though she still suffered from nightmares and apparitions. On a walk through the Amor Glade, one such apparition arose from the snow. But it never disappeared. Drogo had returned, and brought with him his tale of disappearance. Despite her broken heart and her anger, she listened to his tale and was astonished to find that all this time, he had harboured for her the same feelings she had tried to ignore. Her joy was indescribable as she had finally had a chance at the future she had always dreamed of. If she were still in the Aurora pack, he would have made a perfect Alpha at her side, but being her mate here in Helidos was just as perfect as she could ask for.
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Guardian Drogo
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Levi, Thane and Kida
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Sydney, Australia
Elite Nnlya
Elite Nnlya
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