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All about Kenai of Helidos

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Profile - Kenai of Helidos C1lVHmB
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Kenai was born in a pack that never really appreciated him. He was born to a normal ranking family, but he had the heart of a higher ranking wolf. He always knew he wanted to be something more than his rank allowed. It wasn't until he was older that he actually learned he was something better. The year of the flood would be his time. There was a large dam just a few hundred feet from the pack clearing. The wolves were going to the river for fresh water and fish. The pups walked side by side with the adults, trying to keep up with their fast pace.

When they arrived, the pups rushed forward, running towards the water. They started splashing about in the water, unknowingly dislodging a portion of the dam, springing a small leak. As the puppies continued to play and the wolves started to hunt for the fish, more water started to emit from the logs. Kenai's ears started to twitch as he heard a weird sound. The brute scanned the water and the dam with the pups nearby. More water started to leak and the male became aware of the situation. He watched the pups play just below the logs. If the logs were to become dislodged and fall, then they would be crushed.

Kenai growled to the adults, "we need to get out of here! Now! Grab the pups and let's go!" He quickly dashed about, trying to grab the attention of the others. The adults ignored him, and told him to be quiet. But more water continued to pour from the dam. Kenai grew more and more worried for the pups. He ran to the pups and tried to convince them to get out. The Beta male became angry with Kenai, growling and baring his teeth at the lowly male. But Kenai would not stand down, "we have to get them out of here." The Beta smiled as he lunged at Kenai, but Kenai was quick and cunning. He moved from the attack and was quick enough to catch the water bursting from the wood.

The adult ran for the protection of land, while the Beta and Kenai were alone with the pups. The water came rushing down, and Kenai darted to grab a couple pups. He held them by their scruff, carrying them out right before the water was going to take them away. He saved all but one. The pup cried and whined as it flowed down the river. Kenai placed the pups down and ran along the banks, dashing after the pup. His eyes never left the sight of the pup and his legs forced his body faster and faster. He finally jumped into the water after the little one. He kicked his legs as fast as he could. The pup went farther downstream. But he would not give up. He grabbed onto the pup's scruff and swam to the bank. Once he was able to climb out, he placed the pup safely on the ground and laid beside it. The other wolves ran to their side. But no matter what had happened, they did not thank Kenai for saving any of the pups.

Kenai did not want glory or praise. All he wanted was to hear that he was worth more than the pack had told him. But no matter what he did, no matter how many lives he saved that day, they did not acknowledge his accomplishment. They seemed to not even value his presence. Kenai was tired of being abused and misused. He wasn't valued or barely even accepted. He was just an average wolf among the pack of amazing beasts. This was no life for the brave Kenai, so he decided to leave the pack and find a new. Without a word or a notice, he left the pack. He started his journey for a new life.
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Aurora - Deceased
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Oliver & Channing
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Kenai of Helidos
Kenai of Helidos
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