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As a pup it was always known that Odin was a wanderer. Those that were to watch the pups had a hell of a time doing it. The others seemed to obey and listen, but not Odin. He was always adventuring and exploring, breaking things and getting into trouble. His large ears were always finding him new adventures and journeys. It wasn't until that the big day, as it would be remembered by those of his old pack.

It was a bright spring day and the young Odin was getting himself into trouble, yet again. The pup watcher told him to stay put and not leave the shelter of the pack. But of course, the little guy did not listen. While she was tending to the others, he slipped out of sight. He ran as fast as he could from the camp until he was outside the territory and into contested lands. But the young wolf, who was just 1 year old at the time, continued on his own. He could smell the danger that was coming with each step he took. He was not going to back down, not now and not ever. As he took another step, he heard a strong growl before him. But his eyes betrayed him, unable to see the predator that lied ahead, hidden in between the shadows. But his ears, acting like a sonar, could hear the crunch of the earth beneath its paws. He could hear where the other was and he knew the next move it would make. Odin snarled and lowered his head to the ground. If it was a fight the other wanted, he would be down for one.

The other soon showed his scarred face to the young brute. Odin felt a wave of fear over himself as he stared upon the long and deep scar that went through his right eyes. A portion of his cheek was missing as well. How was it this creature was still alive, he wondered. But he was more focused on the moves the wolf was making towards him. His eyes were never leaving the brute's. Those orange-ish red hues, staring down at Odin. Slowly the other fully stood up. Now realizing how much bigger he was than Odin, he swallowed the wad of saliva lodged in his throat. The brute snarled, saliva flung from his lips to Odin's face. He was shocked with how close they were to one another. But he couldn't back up now, that would be backing down or even showing his fear. Before the midnight predator could make a move, a loud howl sprang throughout the forest. It rattled around the trees before taking form of the wolves of his pack.

The wolves scared off the evil brute and then turned to Odin. They had followed his scent and were not surprised in the slightest when they saw him with another brute. The Beta Male walked closer to Odin, "what do you think you are doing?" he asked. His voice was loud and firm. He was obviously very angry. Odin could say nothing for himself. He knew that anything he said, they would not accept. It had been too many times the pup had found trouble. But this time he was angered. Not with himself, but with his pack. He had never been in a fight before and now would have been his chance.

Odin wanted nothing more than to defend himself, to save himself from his own doing. For just once he wanted to be his own savior, fix his own problems. But the pack was always running to him when he was lost. Why didn't they trust him. He wasn't a small male, but he did need to learn the art of fighting. His eyes looked to the Beta, anger filled them, mixing with his golden hues. They would never trust him. As he realized this, he thought of his plan to escape.

The pack went back to the camp. As night fell the wolves all began to sleep, one by one. Odin stayed awake in his den, watching and confirming in his mind that his plan was almost starting. The only complication he had was his den was close to both the Beta's and Alpha's dens. It was this way so the higher rankings had tabs on him. He slowly crept out of his den, walking past the Alpha's den first. He made it clear, only stopping once when the Alpha snores quietly ceased. It was only momentary, but it still scared the brute for only a moment. As he crept past the Beta's den, he was even more cautious. He knew the brute to be a light sleeper, ready to pounce on anything trying to attack or harm the pack. He held his breath, trying to make as little noise as possible. When he was clear of the Beta's den, he dashed for the woods, never looking back and never to return. Odin the Wanderer was searching for a new home. One of trust and love.
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