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All about Kennedy Of Erenyx

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Wolves: Beta Juno, Hunter Kennedy & Apprentice Apollo
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Age :
4 Years
History :
Profile - Kennedy Of Erenyx 28umvpd
Her Story:
In late fall, a pure white female gave birth to a dark grey male and shortly after a creamy colored fae with rare blue hues. The brute was named Modo while the creamy female was called Kennedy. Both of the two grew up to be very healthy and strong wolves. Modo didn’t seem to like his little sister since Kennedy had a strange case of dozing off. When ever Kennedy would speak to him it blurred in her mind and she would blank out in front of him, making him walk off annoyed. The fae soon would become aware of her surroundings and go along to what ever she was doing like as if nothing had ever happened.

When they were full grown they were directly moved over to be tested by the pack’s elites to see if they could survive on their own as well as nourish the pack. Kennedy easily passed all the tests with flying colors and the eyes on the elite’s faces were surprised. However, Modo did pass the tests, but his expectations of rank he received filled him with jealousy over his sister. The fae was put at an elite and worked along side the others including their Alpha while Modo stared at her in outrage.

One evening, Kennedy was sent out to check up on the warriors and stop by the border for any newcomers. The fae walked through the forest but was then distracted in her own little world. Modo knew her weaknesses and took advantage of the moment for he was lurking in the shadows behind his sister. He sprang on top of her and sank his claws into her hind legs making her startled from her world and scream bloody murder as she struggled out of his strong grasp. She cried in agony as she felt the claw in her hind leg dig deeper and him bite her ear. Managing a warning for help she howled as loud as she could. Modo, filled with still more outrage left stopped once he heard the howls of his pack members sing back to notice her that they were coming. The brute sprinted off and Kennedy never saw him again.

Two of the pack’s caretakers rushed the fae’s body into their den and soon took the pain away with a few herbs. A scar now runs up her right hind leg and her ear is left with a bite mark. She never thought that her brother would do such a thing. Kennedy became more hushed around wolves and walked around with the scars always reminding her that sometimes the ones you grow up with all your life can be the enemy’s that want to kill you.

After 2 years of filling the packs needs and assisting the Alpha she decided to take the journey on her own, becoming a loner. Kennedy came across many terrains and experienced things she had never seen before. During the harsh blizzards and wintry nights, the fae lived off the land by herself, still managing to keep all her strength and hunger in order. She spent moons after moons with nightmares of her brother’s chaotic eyes staring into her soul and claws tearing at her flesh. She never spoke to any wolves she crossed paths with nor looked into joining another’s pack for months on end.

When the fae turned 4 years, she had grown old of the being along and decided to seek for a pack. Kennedy thought it was time, time to be around civilization and be a part of something again. If her thoughts were correct, then maybe there was a chance of her finding a mate and befriend some wolves along the way. For now, all she could do was let her instincts take her to their destination..
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Hell no
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A room
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Being a smart-ass.
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So your one true love dumped you and you can't go on living? Rough being 12 these days huh?
Kennedy Of Erenyx
Kennedy Of Erenyx
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