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3 years.
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You didn't get many lone families these days. Well not many that survived anyway. but nope, Rowan and Eleven both left their packs for reasons Tundra would never find out. You'd think they were gone to start a pack of their own but they never seemed to want to progress beyond a small family and well, that's what they did. It was Autumn when Eleven had given birth to a litter of four. Of course, soon enough only two of these will survive. One was a dark pelted male called Fell and the other, a white pelted female called Tundra. At only 11 months old- the chances of survival in the wild were well, a one, maybe even a two or three? But then again, they had survived a fire that had obliterated nearly everything in the small forest. But had that only been luck that the tunnels the family had been digging as an escape route beneath their caves had been completed and were ready to be finished just as the smoke had begun to get unbearably thick down underground. And was it only luck that Fell, and then Tundra had been pushed through the thin layer of mud out into the open- semi conscious, before the fire reached the others and caused the tunnels to cave in? And that a small stream was right beside the back of the cave and they managed to get through it before collapsing on the bank on the other side? The two of them never found out.

Now, being only eleven months and all- the two had pretty much no chance of survival. Now, luckily Tundra and Fell's parents had been were determined to train the pups to be the strongest wolves in the wild and trained them as many hunting and fighting moves as they could. Of course this wasn't many as the four of them had been two young to learn much. The duo would stare at the tunnel as it caved in, only semi-concious but knowing well that their parents and siblings were dead and that their dreams of living as growing up to be a strong family in the wild were gone- nothing more then a dream. Day turned to night and it was only then did consciousness return to the duo lying by the burnt remains of their home. The smoke and fire that had killed their family was the only thing that kept them alive that night, any predators out that night gave the burning forest a wide berth and left the two unharmed except for slight burns and broken hearts.

It was funny really. How different Fell and Tundra were. Whilst Tundra had a long, light colored pelt- Fell had a dark, short one. His eyes looked like shards of ice whilst Tundra's were a gentle hazel. There siblings had both been brown pelted, one having yellow eyes and the other one having amber eyes. Dreams meant nothing to Tundra after that night- they were dreams and nothing more and all they did was kill you. What was happening now was happening and you shouldn't try and get anywhere else. However, Fell was different, he believed in dreams and legends without knowing that they too would be the cause of his death. Luckily enough, Fell was large for his age, much larger then Tundra and she knew that when he was a full grown adult- he'd be larger then her father. This kept them safe for about a month, most predators like eagles and wild dogs like coyote's left them alone due to Fell's size and look- he looked nothing like an 11 month old pup. But Mother Nature was harsh and the two trekked aimlessly through forest after forest, field after field. Only knowing how to catch tiny pieces of prey and unable to find decent shelter that wasn't already inhabited by another creature. This wasn't the life their parents had often told them about, this life was harsh and cold. Yes there was some beauty to it but that was overshadowed by fear, exhaustion and hunger.

But Fell never gave up, he hung onto their parents words of living fee and happy as if they were life. Well maybe they were? But Tundra had long since given up on her parents and constantly argued with Fell. One day, two months later, after a particularly bad fight that had almost turned physical. The two split and went in opposite directions. But Tundra calmed down quickly. She had always been the more gentle, kind spirit of the two and she couldn't leave her big brother to do something reckless [she called him her big brother despite him only being seconds older, though something about his presence seemed older than 1 year] When she finally found him, she was shocked to see that he had found two other wolves and was conversing with them eagerly, his tail wagging. Fell had always believed that there was a reason that him and Tundra had survived and there was a reason that he had a pelt that was close to black and hers close to white. These wolves must've overheard that as they told Fell that he was the sacred wolf who'd save them all along with his sister. And Fell believed them, he followed them but Tundra had already seen the other hidden in the thick vegetation. She tried to scream out a warning but it was two late, Fell was torn to right in front of her eyes. These were not the wolves her parents had told them they'd meet.

She ran for hours and hours but still they caught up with her at last and pushed her to the ground. They were going to kill her, just like they did to Fell. But something about the madness in her eyes as she fought back viciously, destroyed by grief from the death of her brother- her last family member. But the leader of this small band of insane wolves called them off and asked her to join the gang. Tundra knew well that no meant death so being the coward she was- she said yes. She spent a whole year within the gang, learning cruel techniques on how to hunt which would usually leave the prey dying slowly and painfully and once they thought she was good enough, they began allowing her to the wolf hunts as they called them, where they would go out and kill innocent wolves like Fell. She became addicted to it, addicted to watching them suffer as she killed them. It wasn't until one day there was a pup- a pup only seven months old with a pelt just like Fell and icy blue eyes that looked like shards of ice but were warm friendly and curious. Tundra was one of the ones who was supposed to lure him in to the others who would kill him, but it was then that what she had been doing the past year and a half dawned on her and she felt physically sick. She turned on the wolves with her and murdered them, surprise helping her win. The rest heard and with howls of rage ran after her as she raced off with the petrified pup in her jaws- alive.

She was older now and had gotten /as much as she hated to admit it/ good training from the gang wolves and it wasn't long before she lost them despite the pup in her jaws, one much too old to be carried and her neck ached. The little ball of fluff had been terrified of her and had called her a murderer and she'd tried to tell him she'd just been trying to save his life but he'd been right anyway- she was a murderer.

A wolf had soon come across them and Tundra- not having a good relationship with wild wolves so far- rushed to protect the pup, her fangs bared and claws sank into the ground, a dangerous glint shone in her hazel eyes. The position felt so familiar, so normal now. Yet the wolf was kind and gentle and though it took days, she eventually managed to get Tundra to join the pack- the pup had already done this two days ago. The life of the pack was so different to the gang life, but Tundra could never fully relax. She was ill tempered and lashed out frequently, sometimes hurting others by accident. And then one day around a year later, just as she was beginning to enjoy pack life and trying to put the past behind her. She had a terrible argument with her alpha- a terrible one and it ended with her lashing out and slicing his throat and him falling to the ground...death. Shocked and afraid of herself, she ran away from the pack like a coward and has spent months moving about as a loner. Threatening any wolf who comes near her and accepting that she was a cold killer and nothing could change that- but she knew she needed a pack and Erenyx could just be the perfect one for her.
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Guardian Tundra
Guardian Tundra
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