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Rose's pack had fought their way to death, her parents to go first and then her siblings, she had just barely survived as the other pack who had attacked thought her as no harm,she proved them wrong in a gruesome fight with the alpha, she fought him with the rage that swirled inside of her, to lose not just her pack, but her family, every last one of them. The Alpha threw her to the ground many times but even as wounded as she was she kept getting up and fighting, fighting for life and fighting for her family. With the thoughts and strength that kept at her, she finally damaged the Alpha enough for him to call his pack away, leaving her there to due on her own. For sure the blood loss and woulds would kill her, but they didn't, they made her stronger.

She was about 2 1/2 when that happened,but it was still fresh in her mind as she walked the earth, the soft dirt under paw,the breeze blowing against her,She sniffed at the air enjoying the scents that flowed around her, then she broke into a gentle run, her thoughts consuming her. In this run she thought back to being age three, and meeting a loner.

She had been running through the forest, her thoughts were consuming her as she ran, her vision blurred. She then ran into a wolf, maybe two times her size! "Oh.." She backed away gently, scared that he was going to tear her to shreds, but to her surprise he responded gently. "Don't be afraid, you didn't see where you were going, Let me help you? maybe I can?" She stood there quietly, pondering why he was being so nice, just..why? "If you don't want help, by the looks of it you'll die if you don't get some training." He took a step towards her gently. She backed up again. "I..I.." She didn't finish her sentence. "I see, I'll train you if you need." He turned and started towards the river, calling over his shoulder "Are you coming?" She hurried to catch up to him.

At three and a half years old, she stood over her friend and mentor, the loner who had taken her in, he was badly wounded and was going to die. "You'll be okay I promise, you'll heal up and then no worries? right?" She tried to smile for him, but it was breaking her heart as he was the big brother she never had. "Ya know, pup, You look like a Rose in this light....a very rare but beautiful flower...also, the sister I never got to have, pup you were alright... I'm glad I found you." He closed his eyes gently. "Do me a favor, don't ever give up, not in a fight, not in life." He closed his eyes tighter as she licked him and cried out. "I...I..I promise...." She said gently laying down beside him and licking his face as he passed on.

She ran smack into a tree, it had been a year since she'd lost her friend, the one who taught her everything, except apparently how to dodge tree's when in a thoughtful state. She sighed gently, heading towards the setting sun in the distance, she had made a promise, one she knew she could never break, yet she knew alone she wouldn't make it, but with a pack, a family...that would be a start.

She had found a land known as Haven's Grove, three packs lay within them. She had called her home in Pine Summit, a pack run by an Alpha whom looked exactly like her old mentor. She had found a home within the lands, she had discovered her brother to be living in the other pack and soon she had found friends and made herself at home. Disease struck those lands, killing off many wolves and so she escaped, leaving behind her home in search of a new one.

As she entered the lands with two packs, she found herself at the border of Helidos. She was accepted in a storm by the Beta known as 'Juno'. Within mere months of joining, she had picked a fight with an Erenyx male and then lost the battle with him. The one whom saved her was ranked as 'Elite' and revealed his name as 'Eclipse'. She owed him a lot for saving her life, training herself and searching for something important to her. Shortly after those encounters, she met the Alphess briefly to be told her new rank. She became a Delta and worked hard for the pack, she hunted more and brought herbs to the healers den.

She trained and then she found a young she-wolf known as 'Aleu'. She took a fancy unto this she-wolf and spent time chatting with her and helping her train. After a lot of hard work and pushing herself to help others, the pack was called together and she called forth to stand in front of the Alphess. She was granted the rank of Guardian, her new jobs were to protect the Alphess and Alpha, and all pups that they had given live unto. She would still accept wolves at the borders, and now she spend plenty of time in the healers den, learning new remedies so she may be of some more help.
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The Moon
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Hmm, RPing, and soon to have a job this October!
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Ima Dinosaur.
Rose Of Helidos
Rose Of Helidos
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