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All about Twelve of Helidos

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Profile - Twelve of Helidos Wolf_WisT1212-Tala-11
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2.5 years.
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[Was done on a mobile between 4-5am so it will probably be redone at some point.]

Twelve was born into a litter of four- being the runt of the group. His mother was a perfectly fine healer and his father a perfectly fine hunter and everything seemed fine and great. But there was one slight problem. The couple were both from separate packs, the two packs not exactly being very friendly towards each other at the moment but more extremely hostile. When their mother found out that she was pregnant, she told their father right away and the two petrified and lost wolves tried to make some sort of plan. It ended with this; they would both continue with their duties until their mother started to get noticeably pregnant. They would then both run off claiming they had both scented wolf blood mixed with fox blood on the border between the two packs not knowing the other was following. They would then bring back the pups claiming to have found them almost dead near a fox den. The plan had many flaws and was reckless and extremely risky, their chances of getting caught being a 9.9 out of 10. However they stuck to it and gave birth to Twelve and his three other siblings away from the pack territories. Twelve's survival was a shock for the family as he was born very weak and his mother names him Twelve because the first Twelve hours of his life was fighting for his life. He had two other sisters and a brother. His brother was the largest and was called Rock, turning out to be a bully towards Twelve rather then a protecter. As for his sisters (Rose and Heather) they just ignored him as if he didn't exist.

It sucked being the runt and being from two different packs and Twelve would often wonder if he had dirty blood. He had blood he wasn't supposed to have anyway. For Twelve's sake the four pups were brought back to the the mother's pack as their father was worried that his alpha would just kill the runt claiming that a pack was only as strong as it's weakest link plus the four needed their mother as they were not weaned. The father told the fox story to his alpha, leaving out the pups and their mother and the mother did not even try and hide the fact that she had given birth to these pups. Their was suspicion as to where they had come from but their alpha was wise and kind and their mother was a respected wolf in the pack and was not pressed for answers and she decided with the father that for the pup's sake, they would never know who he was.

The four grew up to be great yearlings even if their pup hood had not been easy with the continuous mocking and being called dirty bloods as rumours never seemed to stop flying around as wolves tried to guess who their father was. The pups would always have to move around hearing the words 'Dirty bloods' 'rogues' 'traitor' and things would be especially hard for Twelve as his siblings would ignore him not wanting to be both supposedly 'Dirty Bloods' and known to have a runty brother and then Twelve for the same mocking as his siblings and more due to him being a runt and his own brother would take part in the bullying and frighten Twelve into not telling on him. Then one day the other pack invaded when a sickness weakened Twelve's pack, claiming his mother' life and many others. Their pack was completely wiped out and those who were not killed were instead brought back to the other pack as prisoner's. Unlike his sibling's who were killed, Twelve was brought back as a prisoner and was soon released by his father who ran away with him.

Twelve was shocked to hear that this male was his father and started off not trusting him at all only to start trusting him more and more. His father was extremely protective over him after losing the rest of his family and took good care of the one year old yearling. For a year they lived together happily, Twelve growing stronger as his father taught him good fighting moves and how to hunt and defend himself well. Then one day a grizzly bear attacked when they were both sleeping, Twelve got away however his dad was not so lucky. Lost and mourning, the male just wandered about aimlessly until he heard of Helidos and hopes to be able to start over there.
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Twelve of Helidos
Twelve of Helidos
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