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All about Guardian Caspian

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7 years old
History :
This wolf's journey begins in the womb. His mother was a beautiful fae, prized by many of the wolves in the pack, coveted and fought over. Many wolves lost fur, blood, and flesh to be with her, to breed her heritage. But only one wolf caught her eye. His name was Vladimir. He was the Beta's first born son and best fighter in the litter. The fae watched their practices, their fighting. She enjoyed every bit of it, watching the excitement of it all. But the male was shy, which was unique for his family. The Beta's young were all feisty, ready to take what was theirs, to kill before asking, and to act as they ran the pack. The fae was the daughter of the Alpha, and her father wished for her to breed and become mates with Vladimir's younger brother, Mordan. Mordan was a great fighter and he was stunning. His coat was not black as night, but a more russet color like his mother before him. Vladimir had an onyx coat. In the dark of night, he would be almost invisible to the eye.

When mating season had come, the fae fought off many males by herself. Vladimir was still very shy, afraid to approach her. It was not until she came to him within the dead of night. She crawled into his chamber, allowing him to have her completely. Weeks passed and the great Alpha of the pack grew ill. Other members of the pack started to die off and so the Beta male became Alpha male. With his first decree, the wolves were forced to move from their lands, in search of something better, running form this illness that was taking lives left and right. When they finally found a suitable home, they made camp. Only now Vladimir was very close and protective of his fae. He was honored and given the rank of Beta, told he would be next rule. Eventually the fae gave birth to four pups. Caspian was one of these.

As time passed and the four began to grow- it became evident the Teren would be the one to claim the alpha spot when the time came. He was the largest and the strongest- the most dominant and the best at voicing his ideas and plans. And they were nearly always good ones. Caspian didn't mind too much, he was a little disappointed as being alpha had been a dream of his but he was happy for his brother and he knew that the midnight pelted male would do a much better job at leading their pack then he ever would. Teren was just a born alpha. Or so he thought.

Caspian never ended up with a mate- even if he had a crush on a beautiful white wolf who went by the name Acacia. Of course she never payed much attention to the large brute and this saddened him. Of course it wasn't that no females fancied Caspian- he mated a couple of times during the mating seasons but never did he actually take on a proper mate and Caspian was handsome with his unique pelt colors and silvery hues but the only female he would ever want by his side was Acacia but the female died- and maybe it was lucky that she died from a sickness by her mate's side because only months later did Teren catch his mate with another male and everything changed. Caspian had once again felt envy but covered it with happiness for his brother when Teren got his love as his mate- of course he would, he was the alpha. At least despite ranking up, Teren did not leave out his brothers and Caspian would always scold himself for envying the midnight pelted wolf. Out of the four Caspian probably had the softest heart, was the most gullible even if he was the second or third most dominant in the litter. However after the sickness claimed Acacia's life he changed.

Nothing seemed beautiful anymore, life had no purpose, everything was pointless. Losing your one true love even if they were never yours was harder then imaginable. He had been certain that he would eventually manage to claim her heart but he had failed and it drove him crazy. He turned cold and emotionless, harsh and bitter. His only soft spot would be displayed for his brothers and no one else- they were the only ones left alive that he cared about. Even when Teren changed, Caspian did not feel much disgust but instead only admiration for his brother. He was right, mates were pointless and stupid- Acacia destroyed him and even though he'd done everything for her she had not even glanced at him before leaving him alone and depressed. When Teren announced the killing of the female's, Caspian was ruthless and took many lives before the day was finished. They could all join Acacia if all the wanted to do was break hearts.

As Teren changed the ways of the lands, Caspian didn't mind much even if he could tell that it was bothering his other brothers. He murdered Teren's fae's without hesitation even if he had no interest in mating with them even when the mating season was at its highest. It was all pretty simple until a group of wolves were sent to retrieve a prized fae from another pack. She was quite beautiful and Caspian sat watching indifferently as she did the usual- begged to be let go, wasn't, Teren finished with her and the other's had their turn, Caspian wouldn't before returning to his den to sleep. However months later when she gave birth and Teren took an instant interest in one of the males and as the male grew this interest turned to admiration and favoritism. Many got annoyed at this especially Caspian and his siblings. They had imagined Teren giving the high rank to one of them but instead it was obvious that Teren wanted to give it to this Azrael. Caspian seemed the most effected by it and when his other brothers split up and left- deciding that there was nothing left for them here. Caspian stayed in a desperate maddened hope that his brother would notice him instead however the black wolf's attention was always on Azrael.

When the wolf disappeared Caspian should have been relieved but he wasn't. After the male's betrayal Teren grew even worse and every day more and more that got in his way ended up dead. After a while Caspian finally realized that there was nothing here left for Teren to lead and therefore there wouldn't be anything for him either, after watching the departing back of his brother, Caspian felt a pang of pity however it was then covered by something else. He had believed Teren would be the perfect alpha and had sat back and let his brother lead and what had it done? Destroyed this pack? Would he have made a better alpha after all?

Days turned to weeks which turned to months and Caspian remained a loner. He met a small band of wolves- all exiles from a battle going on between two packs a while off. They were confused and disorganized and Caspian's life almost ended at the jaws of one but they were impressed with his skill and size as he managed to slay one and injured three. The rest didn't attack. Panting Caspian had looked up, only bleeding from his ears and his right shoulder and feeling pride and superiority claim him. What he been doing hiding in Teren's shadow for the past years? This was the real him. The wolves wanted revenge on their old packmates and steadily the scraggly gang of exiles grew into a small pack- a small army. Caspian's army. The packs they were targeting were weakened from fighting amongst themselves and were was easy to destroy- gaining more members for his pack during this. However he had one strict rule. No females. Yet unlike Teren they did not kill or steal and rape females either, no, there was females. It was females that destroyed their last pack and he wouldn't let them destroy this one. If they were running low on wolves they would steal male pups and apprentice's from neighboring packs and it all worked out quite well. However one night a fire claimed the lives of nearly all of his pack and those that lived scattered. Depressed and angry, Caspian wandered alone for some time before hearing word of a new leader of this Erenyx. A new leader who went by the name Teren.

With a sly grin the wolf headed in the directions given to him- he had unfinished business with his brother.
Mate :
He loved once. Never again.
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None and he never wishes for any either.
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Guardian Caspian
Guardian Caspian
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