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All about Alpha Sitka

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Sitka's fur is of a light russet hue with a white blaze running from his muzzle down his belly and along the insides of his legs. He has a cold, silver-lined blue gaze and rounded ears. Although he is careful to keep a presentable appearance, he normally isn’t too concerned about regular grooming or keeping his naturally messy fur in sleek perfection. He's about 65 centimeters in height, and around 115 pounds. Sitka isn’t especially fast at distance running, though he has whiplash strength and everlasting stamina because of his lean, but robust, stature.

Most wolves find it hard to keep steady eye contact with his cutting, perceptive gaze, making him appear intimidating and withdrawn, though he is amiable to those he has grown close to and enjoys playing pranks. Sitka is a keen opportunist. A natural leader, made so by his past, he has a commanding presence and is assertive. He has an ease with words useful in diplomacy, preferring to resolve conflicts with little violence, unlike his rash and overconfident brother who was killed in a raid. However, like his deceased brother, Sitka is a skilled fighter who gains the confidence of his comrades through his charm and ability to rapidly make decisions concerning trivial situations or issues. He is steadfastly loyal to those he cares about and will defend them with tooth and claw, even at the cost of his life.

Both his father and mother were loners their whole lives; as a result, Sitka was raised without the comforts and safeties of pack life. He was born to a large litter of six, though he was forced to watch four die to the fangs and talons of predators. Against all odds, his only remaining brother was the runt, names Ezekeial. At age one year, the scarcity of prey drove him and his brother to disperse of their little pack. Along the way, Ezekeial was accepted into a pack, though Sitka choose to remain a loner and roam the lands freely, much to his brother’s distress. They swore an oath to one day be reunited. Sitka has yet to be reunited with his brother, but wishes to find him one day. He wishes to have his brother live in a pack with him and train together as they did when they were young. He often revisits the times he had with his siblings, and his parents. But he realizes it's all in the past, then nostalgia lingers within him for a few hours.

Sitka continued his journey, uncertain of his motive and unwilling to join any of the packs he came across despite being accepted into most of them. However, he is content wandering as a rogue and is searching for a compatible mate. Along the way, he came across another lone wolf he came to respect as a great ally and loyal friend by the name of "Lex." Although they were separated in a storm, Sitka continued to search for her to find the most gruesome discovery. He found his companion's body frozen, torn, and blood-stained. His nightmares were now a reality, but he continued his trek though the tough wilderness for another two months before coming across Age Of The Wolves. Before his appearance in Age, he belonged to a pack named Cedar Grove. He enjoyed himself there and liked the atmosphere of the area. But not long after his arrival in the area, the three packs in the area had fallen upon hard times and many were forced to leave to lack of prey. They all scattered, went in their own directions to find a new home. He does think of the Haven and has moments of depression. Since his leave of Cedar Grove, Sitka tries to keep his scent from the area in memory. He wishes to meet some of the three packs again to remember the memories the lands gave them.
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Alpha Sitka
Alpha Sitka
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