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All about Elite Malachai

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Out of a litter of seven to a female Grey Wolf and male Arctic Wolf, Malachai was the youngest. He was pushed around by all the other young wolves in his pack. They shoved him, bit him, and cornered him so he couldn't run. When Malachai hit the age of one, he began training. Training to fight, hunt, and kill. He practiced his methods and techniques for hours on end. He slowly began to sink into a dark hole of evil and malevolent thoughts, dreams, and urges. He was insane.

By the age of two, Malachai had worked himself up the rank line and became the Lead Warrior for the Alpha Rico. He was the Alpha's wing man and slaughtered whoever he was commanded. One night, his older brother was caught having an affair with a female from the rival pack nearby. Rico found out their little secret and sent Malachai's brother to death.The howl of Rico signaled for Malachai to do as he was told. He kept down from the large rock that he stood upon, looking down at the one of the pups that had bullied him. He launched himself at the older wolf, tearing fur and flesh from every angle that he could manage to grasp. Twenty minutes later, with a blood-stained face, there stood Malachai over the mangled body of his brother. He had a dark grin on his face. Rico praised him for his work, then sent him to find the female and slaughter her as well.

Through the dark night, Malachai set out to where the female met his brother for midnight romance. He lurked in the darkness, watching the female as he sat and waited for her love to come, but he never would. She called his name a few times,"Nickola? Nickola, where are you?" The same deadly grin spread over Malachai's face before he spoke from the darkness. "Nickola, will never meet you here again, my love. You shall never see him again." The ghostly wolf sauntered out of the darkness into the moonlight that filled the area. The female looked at him with startled eyes. "Wha? What are you talking about?" Fear filled the words that fell from her mouth. The brute's eyes gleamed with excitement and bloodshed. He spoke a few words before he would act. "I have killed him. He was my brother. He defied his loyalty to our pack, so he perished at my paws and by the canines in my mouth." He flashed his teeth and before she could respond, he lunged himself at her. He gripped her throat and thrashed his head. She gasped for breath and yowled with the pain and sorrow of the news and her soon death. He had taken advantage of her small body before he had set in to kill her. Her body laid mangled and limp in the spot where the two dead lover would meet. He grinned and headed off.

He returned from slaughtering the female, his face soaked with her blood. He returned to Alpha Rico and informed him of the kill and the advantaged he had taken of you female before her death. Rico was pleased, more than ever. But the easy life would soon take a crashing downfall. Rico had found that his females had been sneaking off to the other males during the mating season rather than being impregnated by the alpha as they should. He was enraged and slaughtered every one of them. The other males kicked in and killed Rico, then ran off with any remaining pack members to take their lives elsewhere. Before he knew it, Malachai was alone. Dead bodies of the others surrounded him, already catching the scent of death and rotten evil. He immediately turned and took off to find another ruthless leader he could please through the dark of death and possession.
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Elite Malachai
Elite Malachai
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