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All about Locke of Helidos

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Profile - Locke of Helidos Ekn7yt
Rank :
He was once Lead Warrior of Helidos
Age :
4 years old
History :
Basic Background
The Tepres Pack had spanned for generations - with each alpha, they became stronger and more stern. The pack preserved merely a small section of territory at one time, but the wolves that resided within were ambitious; they wanted far more to own. The beginning alpha, Ionden, set the way for many alphas after him to come to rule strongly. Ionden separated his pack accordingly to what talents his members might have - the best of his pack included those that served for the shadows. These wolves listened only to the alpha - they were not allowed to openly express their opinions. They were impeccably strong, and with their help, the wolves accomplished a satisfactory state of life. Other portions of this pack included strong warriors, spies, herbalists, and those with a strong intelligence level to advise the alpha. It is to be said that Ionden was never a meek wolf; he was not a physically strong wolf, but his intelligence brought his subordinates domination. If death was not an option he wished to take, then he would merely outsmart his opponents and play with them mentally. However, he was not hesitant to give the command to bring down his opponents. The packs surrounding the Tepresinians quickly realized they were in danger, and within his alpha reign Ionden brought down and eradicated many packs that offered a better source of territory. Wolves that did not want death were given the option to run or to join his own pack. The packs that were not forced to disband were forced to offer their own resources in the name of the honorable name of Alpha Ionden. This totalitarianism state of leadership lasted successfully for a handful of succeeding alphas, but things never last long.

Locke was born on a rainy day in spring. His mother was part of the intelligence ranks to the Alpha Cyrano, while his father was part of the league of shadows. He was nothing spectacular as a pup - his sister excelled in herbology, while his brothers grew up as strong warriors that would stand on the front lines in battle. It was not until he was eight months old that the pack realized his talent was the same as his fathers. Within the last few reigns of alphas, the shadows of the pack dwindled and were soon scarce. The ability itself was beginning to water down as the pack grew lazier; no wolf ever threatened the Tepresinians for it was a death wish. Soon there had been little need for the long lost shadows. Strange customs had been placed upon the shadows as well that scared away any potential wolves to fill positions. These shadows were put under heavy stress as they were put under immense battle training that left bruises and scars both physically and mentally, experimented on with poisons (the wolves believed that if poisons were placed in the body the wolf would grow immune - further research is uncertain regarding the facts of these thoughts), and were not allowed to speak; only those shadows who were aged and proved loyalty were blessed with the ability to communicate in small sentences. Shadows were not allowed to feel emotion or carry opinions in words - they were required to be loyal only to the alpha, and were to carry out their orders without second thought. Nobody congratulated Locke upon his entrance as a shadow, and the pack members he had grown to be friends with soon detached themselves from him.

Under the apprenticeship of his father and a veteran shadow known as Vedric, Locke quickly grew as a shadow. He was forced to intake poisons of all types, and many time he wished for death to take him, and he sparred constantly with his father. Even during meals his father would surprise attack him and force the wolf to become accustom to always be aware of his surroundings. Locke eventually grew heightened senses over his pack members and was constantly checking his surroundings - this would become something he would never be able to shake for the rest of his life. He had no time for feelings, friends, or fun. They were the three lasting wolves of the talent, and the alpha grew insane with selfishness with his new found 'toy' (Locke's father, soon to be a veteran, took time away from his role when the alpha arose to power - his training had taken a heavy toll on how quickly he aged). The packs that had offered the Tepres Pack offerings for generations were soon the tests of Locke's power for the alpha, and Alpha Cyrano wreaked havoc merely for fun. There was no disobeying the alpha, and Locke did not question the motives; just like the rest of his pack that had grown comfortable with letting the alpha do as he pleased. They did not understand that anything was wrong. One night it became too much for Locke. He had spend endless days threatening the surrounding packs, forcing them to hand him all of their resources and leaving wounds upon them as a message from Cyrano that he was displeased with their measly offerings to him. The shadow collapsed from exhaustion at the border of his home, his body shaking and muscles aching. He was tired of his role; he was tired of harming and leading a life he was not allowed to own. Locke was scared of his own thoughts - if the alpha could only hear them, he would surely die. Was he rebelling against his honorable alpha? Blackness overwhelmed his vision, and he was knocked unconsciousness.

When he awoke, Locke found himself in pain. However, he did not hesitate to arise from the ground, his pelt cold with smeared dirt, and limped to his camp. Within his ears rose the sound of paw steps rushing across the forest floor. Something was wrong. As he came upon his once home, Locke found the devastation that had occurred. Laziness and stupidity had carved its way into his pack, and selfishness had been its fall. The wounded and dead sprawled the camp floor, and those that remained alive (the females and young) were surrounded as captives. The other packs had finally grown enough distaste for the Tepresinians that they risked death to end the reign of the once proud pack. Obviously the members of Pack Tepres had overestimated their ability to overcome any obstacle. Rage billowed inside Locke - his home and all that he had trained to make proud was devastated. Besides the survivors, everything was destroyed and the resources were foraged. Leaping out from the shadows, Locke felt his teeth clamp upon the wolves he found as the enemies.

When his mind cleared and exhaustion once again overwhelmed him, a handful corpses surrounded him. These simple packs had never known the true power inside of a tormented shadow, and the life had flashed from their eyes quickly enough that they hopefully did not suffer long. Sudden realization overcome Locke, and his head fell down to his chest. Blood dripped from his fangs as his body shook. Wolves that witnessed the event rumor that they saw the darkness fade from the shadow's glowing yellow eyes. Former pack mates were disgusted that such a beast had been hiding within their pack, and Locke himself was both disgusted and confused. How could he do this without thought? How could he be such a wild beast? Could he have not used words instead? The wolves left Locke that night standing in the pile of death surrounding him, no wolf daring to go near. Even a motherly face Locke had once known looked on in fear. Any other familiar wolves he had known were transferred to the other packs. Locke never returned to that territory after he had finished mourning the deaths that surrounded him. While he was confused about who he truly was and how to live after others had forced him to live how they wished, he did vow to uphold his silence until he otherwise determined what he wanted with his miserable life.

As the year left his thoughts raging in confusion and guilt, Locke suddenly began to find hope within his mind. He had kept himself alive for half of a year yet, and had used that time to consider his so recent past. While he came to the conclusion that his once beloved leader had been insane with power, Locke thought himself a criminal for treating the innocent in such a vile way. He would never forget the tragic acts he had committed nor would he ever forgive. Clarity came over the shadow as his mind suddenly eased, and upon that day he promised to protect the innocent and vow himself to another pack and, this time, protect the ones that inhabited with his life. Letting forth a howl that was both haunting in grief and honor, Locke broke his silence and charged forward to the future.

Life in Age of the Wolves
Life brought Locke to a pack named Helidos in the Autumn time, where he earned the rank of warrior from a wolf named Elite Eclipse. It was strange adjusting to pack life when the brute had no idea how to communicate properly; however, he persevered through the strange change of life. While there has been little contact with others, Locke has found his loyalty strong and unchanging to his leaders Alphess Quinn and Alpha Fenris. There have been a few to cross his path so far, making their marks on his life in different ways. It was in the spring time, marking his fourth year, that Locke was promoted to Lead Warrior of Helidos. He has taken the rank with pride and seriousness, promising his leaders that the warriors of Helidos will become talented warriors. His life was happy for a while, and his relationship with the lead warrior Faith grew strong - however, when she went missing, he set out to find her. With her tracks leading to nothing, Locke realized that she was no longer with them. While returning to Helidos, he met his end.
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