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All about Alphess Chiara

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Chiara grew up in a large pack that believed males were the grace from God, females were to be seen and never heard. All females were used as pup factories and the males got the best food and training. She had two brothers and one sister in her litter. As young young pups Chiara remembered differences in how her brothers were treated and soon they fell to the packs ways and started to treat her and Willow differently. Her father was the Beta of the pack and showed the pack how to treat females by how he treated his daughters. When Chiara was barely four months old Willow disappeared and no one would tell her where she went. After that her Father Kane started to beat her and try to bend her will to that of her brainwashed mother. When she came of age to bare pups he grew even more violent and tried to destroy her will further. Chiara defied him and earned her large scar over her left eye as punishment. She knew this was wrong even if the other females felt it was the norm. Her mother was no help and simply turned away when Kane entered her cave at night. After many nights of beatings Chiara finally became pregnant with pups and gave birth to them two months early. They were all dead and this proved to be the last straw for Kane.

Feeling she betrayed him again he sought to kill her, though she escaped before he could. She was only two years old and for the next year she had to learn how to survive for herself. Her first winter alone almost killed her from hunger, but it lit a fire in her heart that she would survive. She fought against the elements and taught herself to hunt better and run faster. This fire Chiara held carried her through the hard times and made her want to seek out a new life with another pack.

She soon found Helidos and met a charming male named Damon. The two quickly fell in love and the shy and submissive Chiara started to come out of her shell. Fear of eye contact and speaking out loud soon was overtook with happiness as the pair met one day to confess their feelings. Just as Chiara told Damon how she loved him her father appeared, driven mad to find her after she ran away. Going to kill her Damon sacrificed himself to protect the fae, earning a fatal wound. Something snapped in Chiara and she dove at her father, killing him and beheading him. Laying down with Damon he spoke his last words to her, to find love again and find happiness. Confused by his words Chiara left Helidos to follow the one wolf who believed in her to a new land. Before leaving she threw her fathers head in a river and re-scarred her eye, marring the mark he once made.

In Erenyx Chiara told Esmerelda of her deed and was given the rank lead Warrior. Now a heart killer, the fae trained night and day, pushing her body past its limits. She learned new training methods and soon became very strong and fast. Wolves came and went and one day she found herself in the line of sight with a new male Magnus. At first she was put off by him, but after some time she softened and got to know him. Liking his character and sense of duty the two spent countless hours together until one day they confessed their fondness for each other. The only thing was to ask Steele to be mates, he'd say yes right?

Guess again Steele told the pair that first Chiara must mate to him before Magnus. Outraged but fearing for her mates life she agreed, but never had to go through with it. Soon a new face came to the lands, Teren. He killed Steele and took over, but soon his evil took a new turn for the worse. With the birth of Chiara's litter she could only watch as Teren forced them to fight with other pups to the death. Speaking out in their defense she was attacked and mocked for her motherly instincts. Stripped of her rank she vowed to get even with Teren, start a new life somewhere and get her revenge on him.
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Alphess Chiara
Alphess Chiara
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