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All about Elite Breeze

Picture :
Profile - Elite Breeze Landscape_1_by_convulsionstock
Rank :
Elite (Warrior, Delta, then Elite)
Age :
4 years
History :
Breeze was born to two Elites in a pack to the east, along with her brother Flint. She became the Apprentice of her pack's Beta, and learned how to hunt, fight, and be a leader of the pack. Meanwhile her brother was apprenticed to a Healer. The ambitious young female learned fast and, at the age of 2, was promoted to the rank of Delta. Her pack was invaded by another group, and Breeze fought alongside her packmates to defend them. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered and many were killed. After killing the all high ranking wolves besides Deltas (who were spared because they were fairly young), the invaders took over. After deciding that her brother would still be safe, Breeze fled into unknown territory. She preferred to find another pack, rather than serve under the wolves that killed her parents and loved ones. Now the grey she-wolf searches for a pack to which she can serve with absolute loyalty.
Mate :
None yet
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Location :
wherever I want to be
Job/hobbies :
Snuggling, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, reading, art crafts, video games
Humor :
They call it kidnapping. I call it surprise adoption
Elite Breeze
Elite Breeze
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