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All about Apprentice Achak

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Born to the second litter of the Helidos leaders Alpha Fenris and Alphess Quinn, Achak was one of four whelps. Considerably more distant and quiet compared to his fellow siblings, Achak did not shine as an Alpha's son. While destined to become a hunter, the pup seems lacking in all areas and the alphas were much too busy with other activities to train him separately. Alas, war eventually took all of their time away. Erenyx, with its foul leader Teren, crashed its mighty claws down upon the life of Quinn's sister sparking outrage. Troops from both sides marched on, and there were casualties on both sides - one life in particular very important to Achak was his mother. Dead by the fangs of the monster, Quinn drew her last breath as alphess and the light that once hung over him as the alphess' son dimmed. Just as his two siblings Chase and Paige were dead so lay his mother. Upon the news that alphess Quinn was dead Achak's remaining brother, Julian, made one last vile remark before he was sentenced to exile by his grieving father Fenris. The male is presumed likely dead as he was unlikely to survive on his own at the young age during winter. Achak now faces troubles of finding courage within himself. His family is only one left, and that one is locked within his own depression. Alone and tired, the young apprentice must heal the pain that he feels and continue to live. With each new leader to Helidos, it will never be the same as it once was. Finally running away from the past, the grieving adolescent of one now finds haven in the pack known as Agavos. Here he hopes to find sanctuary and a new start.
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Apprentice Achak
Apprentice Achak
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