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All about Thane of Helidos

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Profile - Thane of Helidos N12yj4
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Apprentice Hunter
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6 Months
History :
The gallant Warrior Drogo and the beautiful Elite Nnlya have finally found love together. Their time has come to start a new family, bringing them three wonderful pups.


Among one of the three pups that had been brought into the world by Warrior Drogo and Elite Nnlya, Thane had been conceived. Defenseless and dependent to his guardians, the two Helidos' where able to supply the male with vitamins and protection, helping him develop from his immobile-self to an inquisitive, bold adolescent with dreams and objectives. Taking in the tricks and trades of the universe's most significant lessons and abilities from watching and listening to his guardians lessons, Thane became captivated with the thought of turning into a hunter. Jumping upon things littler than himself like the woods insects and hustling around with his kin, the adrenaline of simply those chases made the male feel more invigorated and upbeat than anything he had envisioned, it was his passion and from that point on Thane recognized what he was bound for. Flourishing for the opportunity to substantiate himself as a magnificent commitment to Helidos and in time earn himself a spot among the best hunters of the pack, Thane wishes to be the leader of every one of them so he may prepare and educate those at his age now to turn into the best hunter that they can be for the pack. This is a direct result of his objectives and his concept of his future that he is so determined in all that he does yet with two parents that began off as a warrior from pup-hood Thane does feel weight that he must follow their example.
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Thane of Helidos
Thane of Helidos
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