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All about Apprentice Levi

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Levi is a smaller male, taking on the looks of his father. His coat isn't the thickest, nor the most beautiful. A main brown coat color with black and a creamy white mixed throughout his fur. Nothing is particularly different about him, other than his slender build. Though he looks like his Guardian father, he gained the eyes of his Elite mother. A beautiful cyan blue as deep as the ocean. Being the eldest of the three pups, he was slightly larger than his brother and sister. He was clearly the child of Nnyla and Drogo, as he had acquired aspects of both Helidos wolves.
Bright and cheery almost 24/7, Levi is considered to be one of the happiest pups of the litter. Unlike some of his siblings, he tends to always think on the brighter side of situations and thinks there is good in everyone, even if they have the darkest of hearts. Although he has his days, as most do, nothing will break his spirit. Levi is a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new wolves. Conversation and learning ab out others' history is utterly fascinating to the young male. Although he normally has a happy-go-lucky attitude, Levi can become quite a handful under situations. It takes a lot to get into his head, and it doesn't happen often, but when it does, Levi has two directions. Either turns into a sheer monster and is nothing but a whirling ball of fur and rage, or he becomes completely emotionless. Not moving a muscle. Words sinking in to his mind, letter by letter. He doesn't speak and doesn't socialize in the slightest, which is extremely unusual for Levi to do. But these are very rare situations other than the normal "bad day". Though the male is a social lad, he does tend to think and wonder a lot. He's a daydreamer about the "what ifs" and "whens" of life. Constantly asking higher level questions than some his age would. A deep and creative thinker. It contributes to his goal of becoming a Warrior of Helidos. Witht he training from his father at a young age and watching his father train himself, levi dreamed of bef=coming a Guardian like him, or an Elite like his mother. All he wanted was to make them proud and do something he will be remembered by.
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Apprentice Levi
Apprentice Levi
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