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All about Nymph of Erenyx

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They were a band of misfits on the edge of the lush forest. Their home was filthy - dead trees, burnt grass, and measly scraps for food. Forced to leave their homes for whatever crime they had committed, wolves of all kinds came to this forgotten land. While they considered themselves a pack to save their pride, they were nothing more than a group of rogues fighting for a position that would feed their stomachs for the day. Blood was shed to gain position. There was no introduction to a fight - if you were alive, then you could be attacked. Leads and alphas came and went. It was no real interest in who actually had the role - no one attempted to control the ravenous wolves. It was all for food. Higher ranks got more food. Well, whenever there was food. Still, the lack of nutrition didn't stop the wolves from birthing pups. A sole survivor from the day of her birth, Nymph didn't know the succulence of a good meal. However, perhaps it was better not to know what you can't have. While normally the young fae would have been titled an apprentice, there were no wolves willing to sit down with a pup and teach. The only chance the pup had was her blood family. However, it was shortly after her aging of six months that Nymph's father, who had held tightly to a lead rank of warrior, took his last breath under the claws of another. While she mourned in her heart, Nymph could not show emotion under the glare of the villainous wolves. They would poke fun of her, and they would bite her ears and tail if she stepped out of line. With no father figure, there was no protection. Nymph's mother was a den maid - she cleaned, and she helped with the birthing and pup care. She knew no fighting. Tired of living with the brutes at home, the young pup spent most of her time in the dead forest and taught herself everything - especially how to survive. There wasn't much of anything to hide oneself from the predators that surrounded her. Of course, there were scuffles for her life, and the she-wolf still has the marks to prove it, too. She learned quick, though - she had to. Nymph would hunt rabbits near the border of a thriving forest to survive. It would take all day sometimes, but occasionally one would wander too far from home. Of course, sometimes none would show. Then she would take matters into her own paws. Entering another's territory wasn't exactly a smart idea, but Nymph's logic was that it was better to be killed for trying to live than killed for doing nothing at all in her homeland. However, patrol times grew more erratic once they found her scent lingering on their borders and Nymph was back to waiting for a meal to happen.

Life went on for two years before the 'pack' finally took notice of the she-wolf's presence. Surprised that she had not become food for predators, they named her a hunter. Nothing much really changed about what she did, but there was one new thing that happened. Fights. With a pack riddled with wrong doers, there were more than an intake of omegas that proved that they couldn't even survive in a pack with their own kind of troublemakers. They sought a greater rank. However, they were starving and weak, and Nymph managed to fight them off with little knowledge of combat with other wolves. It happened day-to-day, and her understanding with how to handle the scuffles grew. At first, she had never sought to kill. Nymph merely forced them into submission and went about her day. However, as time grew, she began to love the feel of her teeth and claws making contact with the lowly wolves. Blood. Finally one day she took the life of the wolf that had fought her at the wrong time. The omegas stopped bothering her for a while, before acting up again. They were starving. There was nothing else for them to do. She was their only chance. And she denied them. Two more omegas fell to their deaths by her claws.

However, it was during this time that there was a drought. With no water, and no food, sickness and even more hurt came to the 'pack.' Realizing that there was nothing here anymore, Nymph found herself leaving upon a morning sun elsewhere. However, she took her knowledge and pleasures with her.
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