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PostSubject: Katyusha Katyusha Icon_minitimeDecember 22nd 2014, 16:19

Name:   Katyusha(Ka-Tyou-shah)

Gender: Female

Age:  4 years old

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested:   Warrior

Appearance:  Katyusha has a rather odd build amongst gray wolves, standing only 31” in shoulder height and just under 41” in length, with a very slender build. Having spent the majority of her life in the frigid tundra, or traveling alone, food was far from plentiful, meaning the wolf hadn't developed the thick muscular figure many of her breed achieved, but instead developed a leaner, lanky form, leaving the smaller fae to weight in at a mere 68lbs, although her size is very deceiving of her skills. Just like everything else on the fae, the young wolf's fur color is unique as well. With a base of mostly white/gray mixing with a collage of black, brown, and pure white, creating a beautiful array of color, while retaining a light, arctic appearance. The young fae's eyes seem to so perfectly match the rest of her form, being the perfect shade of light brown, which blends almost perfectly with the collage of colors that cover her.



Katyusha was born to the alpha pair of a small pack in the far, fridged north, inhabiting a land of frigid cold, nearly endless winters, and non-existant summers. The land was inhospitable, and brutal on those trying to call it home, especially the pups of the pack, which were often born in the still freezing conditions, which made their survival very limited. This harsh environment was the first thing Katyusha ever knew, the brutality of the weather, and the dwindling food supplies took a vicious toll on her litter, leaving the young fae the only to survive the first several weeks.

After the initial hardships of her life, Katyusha would live a rather normal life, lacking in any real playing a normal pup would do with their siblings, the fae would search elsewhere for such games, playing with other pups around the pack, most of which also had little to no siblings, forming a bond amongst her pack members, not looking at them as just an acquaintance, or a friend, but brothers and sisters, a view she shares to this day about any pack she joins, the members are more than just packmates, or friends, but they are brothers and sisters, a bond she holds very sacred.

As the young fae grew, her parents would begin to take her away from the usual playing to much more serious matters, being pressured from a very young age to learn to lead ever aspect of day to day life in her pack, which was mostly hunting. In the isolated north the majority of time was spent hunting across the tundra, learning to track small game such as rabbits, and larger game like caribou. Because of the wolf's terrain and the arctic conditions of her homeland, the young fae because an expert hunter in the snow, learning how to track herd movements, and find rabbits and other small game, even after a fresh snowfall. However, the fae had very little experience in spring and summer hunting, and while she is still quite skilled at it, she falls into the ranks of average, where her ability to hunt in otherwise hostile conditions excels above most.

However, as time pushed painfully forward, the bitter place Katyusha called home only grew more and more hostile to those inhabiting it, the weather getting colder, the snow staying longer, and the green of the land fading, eventually even the snow stopped falling, the only thing coating the ground was bitter frost, and dead grass. Over a very short amount of time, the prey began to starve, or migrate to the far corners in search of greener pastures, leaving the pack cold, and starving. As the herds and prey began to disappear, even the best hunters cannot kill what doesn't exist, and the pack began to stumble. As the threat of starvation began to truly tug on the pack, wolves began to grow irritated, casting out those who were seen as a burden, or unnecessary, while other members would grow frustrated and leave, until eventually the entire pack dissipated.

In just a matter of a few short weeks, the young Katyusha would watch the pack she had worked so hard to learn how to lead dissolve in front of her, leaving her entirely alone with not even her parents by her side. Alone and not sure what to do, the young wolf began to travel south, carefully working around pack lands, or navigating through them as quickly as possible, often not resting for sleep and risking the punishment of trespassing. Each day the fae would feel her paws blistering below her, the snow and constant cold taking it's brutal effects on the young fae. Quickly the fae would realize that without a pack, and without shelter, she would never survive the quickly looming winter.

After traveling for nearly a full moon on her own, the fae would begin to succumb to the growing cold, and the increasing strain on her form from the travel. She had run herself ragged, and finally found herself in a land she could call home, if a pack would accept her. So now the young fae must find a pack, and earn a place for herself, or risk perishing in this new land.

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How did you find Age?:
From the top 50 wolf RP sites list, which I located through Google.

Example Post:
Katyusha would close her eyes softly, her ears back, the only sound around her was that of her paws thumping lightly against the thin layer of snow that had formed below her. Winter was still young, and the fae had at least that much to be thankful for, which was about the only thing. Weeks of lonesome travel had taken a painful toll on the young fae, her paws frozen and packed with small chunks of snow, the pads below cracked and bleeding slightly from the weeks of running across frozen terrain, the bleeding and pain actually stifled by the cooling snow below her. Each step would send a soft twinge of pain through her legs, the muscles aching from exertion, but right now none of that mattered. Each step forward was a step towards her new home, each time her paws hit the ground, she was closer and closer to a new life, and that was truly all that mattered. After a moment the fae would open her eyes again, letting the bright light of the sun reflecting off the thin layer of snow that graced the ground, the wind brushing against her face, the cooling air filling her lungs, and her mind wandering to these thrilling things, and blocking out the pain, and cold, and hunger, no, she had no room in her mind to think of the negative parts of her life, only the thrill of the new life that awaited her.

After another moment of running Katyusha would slow to a stop before a small line of tree's, glancing around her for a moment to inspect the barren forest before her, the fresh snow having taken down any leaves that remained, leaving the area a white, glistening, and beautiful timber, the branches of each tree stained white with a small mound of snow resting on them, the sounds of distant snow piles falling from the tree's, the young wolf's ears perking as a very important realization came to her, food! This was one of the few unmarked territories she had found that would be acceptable hunting grounds.

Once the young fae reached her conclusion, she would carefully step into the treeline, her nose going to the ground as she began to sniff along the thin layer of snow, hoping to catch the scent of something that had crossed recently, or just before the snow fell, the thin layer actually helping trap the scent under it when it would normally be swept away by the wind that swept across this now frozen landscape. Slowly the fae would take a few slow steps forward, ears perked up to hear anything that may be approaching, her nose held close to the snow before she would freeze suddenly, there it was, the first scent she'd caught in what felt like ages, it wasn't much, but at this point even the scent of a single rabbit excited the young wolf. Carefully the small fae would would keep her nose close to the ground, moving forward silently, the fae crouching ever so slightly as the scent grew closer, her tail starting to sway from side to side behind her as she felt her heart pounding slightly in her chest, not wanting to admit to herself how excited she was to have a meal again, no matter how small. As the small female pushed herself forward, the scent would grow stronger and stronger, the fae's tail starting to pick up speed as it swished gently behind her, most rational thought fleeing her mind as she let instinct take over, she had been hunting for as long as she could remember, a rabbit would be easy prey for the fae, especially in this cold climate where she was most comfortable. As the scent suddenly grew stronger the small fae would stop, her head lifting as she glanced around the forest and the thin veil of snow that had graced the landscape, the quick scan paying off with the site of her prey, bouncing unsuspectingly through the snow several long meters away, the little fae just getting a slight smirk, as she lowered her form, stalking ever so slowly forward, silent paws only muffled further by the thin layer of snow.

Once the fae had closed the majority of the distance she would leap up, sprinting as fast as she could, the hare not noticing the fae until it was far too late to outrun her, the rabbit turning to sprint as fast as it could away from her, with the wolf catching up to it quickly, and lunged forward hard, feeling the fur against her lips for just a split second before she could feel the ground give out from under her, her paws shooting out as the slick ice below worked it's evil ways, the fae falling to her side and sliding into a large drift on the other side of this ice patch, a loud snarl leaving her muzzle as she jumped out of the drift, and cursing loudly and looking behind her, ears pinning back as her large skidmarks exposed what looked like a thin frozen stream, the fae cursing at herself for missing such an important part of her hunt, and ultimately her food, defeated the fae would start off into the forest again, determined to at least make up the time she lost on this failed hunt.
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PostSubject: Re: Katyusha Katyusha Icon_minitimeDecember 22nd 2014, 16:31

Katyusha Yi5hJCt

   Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

   - Name Claim
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   Head to the borders to get accepted once more. You can have Katyusha and Aleu in the same thread.


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