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SageHaven- Jcink

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PostSubject: SageHaven- Jcink SageHaven- Jcink Icon_minitimeDecember 28th 2014, 16:41

SageHaven- Jcink Resize_of_winter_in_sagehaven_by_jesibellwinterwolf-d8bge99

Welcome to Sagehaven!! This quiet little town is run by three packs and none of them are really friendly with one another. Will you join a pack or be a loner who wanders the streets and woods of Sagehaven? The humans don't know of us but they do have a local legend that is still held in high regard about monsters that roam the night and there is a strict curfew for all citizens who are under age, to this day no one dares break the curfew other than the rebellious teens that live in Sagehaven.

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SageHaven- Jcink

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