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Think Lovely Plots

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PostSubject: Think Lovely Plots Think Lovely Plots Icon_minitimeJanuary 5th 2015, 15:42

Elite Ariste
4 years old

Acquaintances ~ This will be very hard to do, but it is possible. Just someone she doesn't mind being around and trusts. It might take a long time, and a persistent wolf, however she will be very loyal. It'd be interesting to see  if there is anyone she would actually open up to.
Current Acquaintances -

Allies ~ This is a little more doable, and something Ariste will be far more open and accepting to. Though she's not specifically looking for one, she wouldn't mind an ally and potential Acquaintance, someone to be on her side should she become out of her depth.
Current Allies -

Enemies ~ This can be easy to do, if you push her just a little bit too far. She loves to have someone to challenge and prove her worth. She can be quite infuriating, and will vaguely try to rile up someone she only mildly dislikes. It might take a bit for her to completely lose her cool, but she eventually will.
Current Enemies - Guardian Rose

Family ~ This is entirely possible. All of her siblings from her litter are dead, but since she was taken from her parents at a young age, she could have family members she doesn't yet know about.
Current Family - Izraela - Sister -  Up for adoption

Love Interest/Mate ~ It is extremely unlikely that she'll ever take a mate,and if she did happen to like someone she wouldn't admit it to herself or anyone else. You're welcome to try, but chances are it would not work out. She would need someone with her own mindset, but out of her way enough that they weren't copies of each other.
Current Love Interest -

Sparring Partner ~ So long as she's not injured, Ariste will most likely never turn down a spar. And wouldn't deny having someone to spar with regularly, either, but she most definitely won't fight easy.
Current Sparring Partner -

Apprentice ~ It would be very interesting to her to have an Apprentice she saw worthy, so it wouldn't be a waste to ask. She would not be easy, and would generally not take any personal interest in her apprentice, unless it benefited her, or she genuinely grew to like them.
Current Apprentice - Apprentice Piper

Ghosts ~ It would be very interesting to have someone from Ariste's past pop up. Maybe someone from the same history as her, that escaped as well. If you'd like to create someone like that, feel free to ask.
Current "Ghosts" -

Rogue Ulisse
6 months old

Acquaintances ~ This won't be too difficult. You'll just have to watch out for his trickster attitude. Not often is he honest, so if you can break past his wall of lies and tricks, and don't annoy him too much, you can be considered an Acquaintance
Current Acquaintances -

Allies ~ He would love this. He likes being able to have one or two people he knows will be on his side to defend him.
Current Allies -

Enemies ~  This isn't difficult, there are a few specific things you can do to always get on his bad side, but he doesn't often openly show it. He's one who would rather lull you into a false sense of security, that you're friends, then strike.
Current Enemies -

Sparring Partner ~ This would be more in words than actual fighting, given Ulisse's young age, but he's always ready for a challenge.
Current Sparring Partner -
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Think Lovely Plots

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