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Enjoying Life

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PostSubject: Enjoying Life Enjoying Life Icon_minitimeMarch 4th 2013, 22:58

She hadn't been in the pack long, in fact, she'd only just been accepted the day before, and the small caretaker was exploring her new home. Today her location of exploration was the Rapid Falls, and though the falls themselves dwarfed her smaller-than-average form, the green-eyed female was not at all nervous. No, instead she was rather intrigued and excited, looking forward to finding every nook and cranny within the falls and then some. Carefully the female made her way closer, dainty paws placed carefully on wet rock as she traveled towards the falls, her green eyes focused and her ears perked in interest. The sound was deafening, though after a few moments she grew used to the sound, now capable of picking out the smaller trickles of water dripping off a nearby leaf, the faint breeze blowing between her ears and through her fur, the soft chirping of insects as the world around her returned from the long winter's slumber. It was peaceful, and a small smile crept its way across the small wolf's muzzle as she carefully stepped along a wet, fallen log, her tail straight out behind her to help keep her balance as she moved.

With a small bound she landed on a slick, rounded rock, her eyes widening for a moment as she nearly slipped, paws scrambling slightly for footing until she managed to remain upright and stable, a small sigh of relief escaping her jaws as she closed her eyes for a moment. Note to self, don't be stupid. She couldn't help but laugh softly at her own thoughts, opening her eyes again to look around for another spot to leap to. However, when she spotted one, this time she was more careful. Her eyes scanned the rock slowly, as well as the distance and the water around it, making sure that if she leaped from her current perch she wouldn't slip and fall into the falls below when she tried to land. Cautiously her hind legs bunched, her ears perked and her green eyes focused, legs extending and sending her bounding to the other rock, thankfully landing without incident. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement and energy as she looked around now, realizing that the rocks around her were much closer than the ones she had come from.

This made her exploration easier, and she nearly pranced around on the stepping stones, weaving her way around and through the falls as she let herself wander. She had no particular place to be, and she had all the time in the world to get there, so why not enjoy herself, right? With a small smile she continued her antics, pouncing on a small frog as it hopped her way, nipping at a butterfly as it fluttered overhead, and basically just enjoying life. There was no one here to tell her she looked like a fool, no one to tell her that she should be more careful, no one to tell her that she had more important things to do. Nope, it was just her and the falls, and she couldn't be happier. She was regaining her strength quickly, and though she had to pause to take a break from time to time, she was energetic enough. She was definitely better than she had been before she'd come across this pack, that was for sure. She had a home now, a safe place, a new family. She was happy, and nothing, nothing would change that right now.
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Enjoying Life

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