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The Devil's Playground (Plot Page)

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Vetis Of Erenyx
Vetis Of Erenyx

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The Devil's Playground (Plot Page) Empty
PostSubject: The Devil's Playground (Plot Page) The Devil's Playground (Plot Page) Icon_minitimeMarch 11th 2015, 16:38

Warrior Vetis

Friends: .........

Enemies: This is an easily accomplished task so dont be surprised if you end up on his hit list.

Love: Love? Pffttt. A wolf such as this one does not know what love is. He is incapable of feeling such emotions as his heart is blacker than the deepest ocean trench, and just as cold. However! The notion of love and what is can do to those who feel it so deeply and then lose it enthrals him. I would love to have him "court" two females from Helidos, and when they have fallen for him, have him set it up so they find out about each other simply to watch the chaos unfold.

Family: He has siblings, though he has not seen any of in a very long time. A long lost sibling would be an interesting turn of events seeing as they know very well what kind of malicious games he likes to play.


The Devil's Playground (Plot Page) 2w7oen5
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The Devil's Playground (Plot Page)

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