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PostSubject: Caspar-Male-Adult Caspar-Male-Adult Icon_minitimeJune 1st 2015, 11:23

Date Available: Now

Name: Caspar

Gender: Male

Age: Four

Rank: Caspar would work best as a caretaker or healer

Caspar is a smaller male and a bit scrawny. He stands a little smaller than the average male would at 66 cm tall. His weight isn't much either due to his smaller size, weighing in at 98 pounds. He has beautiful emerald green eyes. Dark fur covers him with slight hints of grey noticeable with a keen eye. Along with a small patch of white fur on his chest.

Capar is an interesting little soul. He had always been in interest with the art of healing and caring for others while wounded or sick. He had more of motherly instincts rather than the typical male wanting to be a warrior and fight, fight, fight. He's a gentle little male with a kind heart and hopefulness surrounding him constantly. He doesn't wish to bring harm on others unless it's medical purposes or completely necessary. At first meeting him, he's quiet and a bit shy. he doesn't say much in large crowds and prefers to observe rather than engage in activities. He's fascinated with behaviors of his fellow wolves and why they act the way they do. Very introverted. If someone becomes close enough to him that he open up to you, don't take advantage of his trust. You will not gain it back if you lose it. Respect is the most important thing to Caspar. Almost all the time he's kind and quiet until you disrespect him. He will snap like a twig unless he learns how to keep his comments to himself and move on. Overall, Caspar's generally a quiet and kind male who wishes to help others when they allow it. And can be a deadly weapon when disrespected by fellow pack members.


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Caspar was born to a blank female wolf and a grey male wolf. He took over the traits of his mother. The dark fur, small stature. But he got his father's eyes. A brilliant green that stood out like a black sheep in a white flock. He had three other siblings growing up. A brother and two sisters. They were all a lot bigger than he was. Caspar the runt. They never teased him or made fun of him for being smaller than them or any of the other pups in their pack at the time. he was respected just as much as anyone else who lived within their pack standards. This is where he learned how important respect, loyalty, and trust were to him. Caspar knew he didn't want to be a warrior or a hunter when he grew up. he wanted to be like the pack's healer, Trinten. Trinten mentored Caspar as a pup, etching him the ropes of caring for the other wolves of the pack. His father wasn't too happy with his rank decisions, but loved him never the less. As his siblings trained to be warriors and hunters in the training fields, Caspar spent most of his time in a den surrounded be herbs and plants to cure anything and everything that could possibly infect the pack. Trinten was proud to see that his young protégé becoming so knowledgeable with his work. Soon, Caspar was helping Trinten fix and care for the injured and sick.

A year passed, and Caspar was now two. Now officially Trinten's apprentice, Caspar began to learn more and more from the older male. but sadly, as Caspar grew older, so did Trinten. After six months, Trinten became ill. Caspar did everything within his power to heal Trinten as there was still so much he could learn from him. After three weeks, Trinten couldn't hop on any longer. He passed away in his sleep, and that morning, Caspar was mortified. His mentor was laying there dead in his den. The pack was now in need of a new healer. The alpha suggested Caspar to replace Trinten. Others argued that he was much too young to take such a rank within the pack. Caspar agreed with them. He was scared that he couldn't uphold to his mentor's greatness, but he knew it would be a great honor to be considered for the rank rather than finding someone else as a replacement. After days is discussion, the pack decided to make Caspar the new healer of their pack. The young male was overwhelmed with joy at the news, but was terrified that he wouldn't be good enough to be like Trinten.

After another year of working as the healer for their pack, Caspar had been doing well. He hadn't failed yet. Everyone whom came to him was treated and back on their feet in a weeks time. That was until this fateful day. A female within the pack was pregnant and was having trouble delivering her pups. Casper rushed to her den where she had been in labor for more than a few hours at that point. A puppy was stuck in the birth canal and she was having trouble pushing him through. Caspar did everything to help her. Calming her down and trying to gently pull the puppy out with his teeth without harming him. After another two hours, they had no luck. The puppy had died and was still stuck in the birth canal. The mother was losing life fast. The father begged and pleaded Caspar to do something to save his mate. Caspar tried and tried. Nothing worked. The mother and the remaining puppies died. Caspar was in disbelief. He couldn't do anything to help the poor mother deliver her puppies. All he could think of is that Trinten could've helped her. He could've saved them. Caspar ran away that night.

He ran away and never looked back. Nothing stopped him. He couldn't show his face there again. He knew they made a mistake by making him Healer. In the early morning, Caspar found a small place the take shelter until sunrise. This was the beginning of his life a rouge. Nothing too exciting happened while he was a loner. A few encounters with a grizzly stealing from him and a coyote or two. Life continued on day by day as his loner lifestyle.


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