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Date Available: Now

Name: Ezekeial (Zeke)
Pronounced: E-zeek-e-al

Gender: Male

Age: Three

Rank: Warrior

Large and muscular, you would not have expected the male to be the runt of his litter. Although he's not as big as his brother, Zeke is still a fairly large wolf. Standing at around 72 cm and 110 pounds, Zeke isn't considered a monster. Along with his body, his coat is fairly multicolored. Browns, grays, tans, and blacks cover the brute's body, with his underbelly a whitish cream. His eyes are a stunning emerald green that although are not as intimidating as his brother's, they're just as beautiful to look into. Moving toward the back end of the male's body, a scar can be seen on his lower back. A pink scar ranging from his spine to his thigh is visible through his fur. He wears it like a medal for what is behind it. The brute's tail is fairly bushy with multiple colors mixed through the fur. Overall, Zeke has a striking resemblance to his brother facially, but not physically.

Ezekeial, also known as Zeke, is a brute of many things. Like his elder brother, Sitka, he is known to attempt to solve conflicts with little violence. Zeke does have a short temper with no tolerance for the rude or the ignorant. But when you get to know him, he is very laid back and relaxed. Despite his difficult past, he's still open to love, hoping to do right the second time. His closest friend would be his brother, Sitka, whom he was separated from when he entered a different pack while Sitka remained a loner. They vowed to reunite, and he still intends to do so. Mostly a happy-go-lucky boy, Ezekeial enjoys hanging out with those whom he cares for and loves. Once you gain his loyalty, you will have his friendship, trust, and respect forever unless you turn your back on him. If that is to happen, he will be harsh for the consequences of backstabbing him. It's not easy to tick him off, he doesn't take lightly to insults, but has learned how to control himself and just let it go. nothing really upsets the brute either, expect the death of his mate and six pups. Although he left his remaining pup at a pack's border, it still upsets him that he had to do such a thing. Other than those, Zeke is a happy young male with a lot of spunk and creativity.


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With both parents as loners, Zeke never knew the safes and casualties of a pack life. Born to a litter of six, four of his siblings died before age one. He and his elder brother, Sitka, were driven from their home due to lack of prey. They journeyed together for some time until Zeke was accepted into a pack, while Sitka remained a loner. It was an odd little pack that he joined. Not much to them, really. But while residing there, Zeke came to know a certain female by the name is Bella. Bella was a beautiful gray female with stunning amber eyes. Zeke fell hard for her, harder than he expected. He got to know her though his two years of saying with the small pack, but not everything was what he seemed it to be. Bella was the daughter of the alpha, Jace. And He didn't approve of Zeke hitting on his only daughter and heir to the throne. The brute didn't let this stop him from seeing the gorgeous fae. They met with each other for many months, until an Elite was ordered to secretly follow them to their meeting place.Now, Jace was furious to find out that this brute and his daughter defied his ruling on their relationship. He vowed to kill Zeke himself. But what he did not know, was that Bella was pregnant, and would soon give birth to her first litter with Zeke. They planned to run away together as soon as the coast was clear, but they were too late. Jace found them and attacked Zeke. A nasty battle was fought out between the two brutes, with Jace ultimately winning. Leaving Zeke with a nasty scar on his lower back, the alpha attempted to take his daughter home. Bella refused to go with her father and and off with Zeke as fast as they could both move. They traveled for a day or two until they came over an old den that they would soon give birth to their litter in.

A week went by, and finally, the puppies came. A litter of seven. Four boys and three girls. Zeke could not have been more proud of his mate and their beautiful little family of nine. Soon, it all came crashing down on him. Bella soon became ill not long after the birth of their litter. Zeke did everything in his power to save her, but nothing was enough to help her. She died soon after, leaving the pups without a mother to feed them and a father who couldn't care for them. Ezekeial was heartbroken. His children wouldn't survive without their mother's milk, and they were too young to eat solid foods. There was nothing he could do to save them. His family was going to die. He was determined to stay with the puppies until they couldn't handle any more of the hunger. It killed him inside. He let them down. Although it killed him to see his pups die in front of him, he was determined to love them until the end. Soon, all the pups passed, expect one. Zeke's first-born daughter. With her only still barely clinging to life, he wanted to save her. Picking up the tiny pup carefully, he moved as quickly as he could to find a pack border to leave her at. Soon, he came across one. Howling at the border to the pack he waited with his daughter until someone, anyone came by. Not long after, a female came to the border demanding what he wished. "My daughter. Her mother and six siblings have died. I cannot care for her. For she cannot eat any solid foods. Please, I beg you, take her and raise her here. All I as in return is for you to tell her about me. That I wanted to save her. And that I will always love her dearly." He waited for the female's response, worried that she will deny his offering. "I will gladly take her in. One of our nursing mothers will gladly feed her and bring her back to health. And yes, of course, I will tell her about you when she comes of age. You are a brave soul, sir." Zeke was relieved. Handing his daughter off to the female who seemed kind enough, he spoke a few words before heading off to find a place of his own. "Thank you. I must go now. I owe you my life for saving my little girl. Take care of her. My name is Ezekeial by the way, or Zeke." Without waiting for the female to reply, Zeke took off into the woods, without looking back. He wanted to release the cry that lived in his chest for so long, but went on without it. He carried on his way to finding a place to restart. He wished to see his little girl again, though. This is where he leaves off, coming across Age of the Wolves.


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