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Plotting ones Life

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Plotting ones Life  Empty
PostSubject: Plotting ones Life Plotting ones Life  Icon_minitimeSeptember 17th 2015, 23:26

Here you can find possible plot ideas for my current characters. If you have any possible plot ideas don't hesitate to shoot my a pm or post below!

Healer Keoni
5 years old | Agavos | Curious | Wise | Loyal | Male

"Life is a beautiful mystery"

Keoni is a curious soul with a streak of being mischievous. He is a quiet wolf, but he's a wolf with little words. He does not waste his breath with unnecessary words and so you'll often find him silent. Though he doesn't talk much he is a polite being and a gentlemen. When Keoni opens up he is an easygoing wolf who seeks adventure in life to make it thrilling. He's a bit of a daydreamer, but he is not naive.


Friendships- After being alone or set aside most of his life Keoni has grown used to being alone. This isn't exactly healthy as wolves are sociable creatures. With the little contact he has had with his own species Keoni is a bit socially awkward, but a gentleman despite his upbringing. Not being very social hinders Keoni's ability to befriend others, but if your willing to put up with Keo's awkwardness then you'll be rewarded with his undying loyalty.

Lover- Although Keoni isn't really looking for love there is always a slight possibility of a fae blowing away Keoni's doubts. Its already hard to gain his trust let alone his heart. Keoni keeps his heart under lock and key as everyone he's ever loved has either died or walked away from him.

Sibling / Family- Keoni has a rather large family. His parents had three litters before Keo was born. However, family is not always considered by blood. He would consider you family by blood or not. Once your family you stay family no matter who you are and what you do. If you're interested in being an older sibling, nephew / niece, or any other family relations let me know!

Enemies- Although Keoni isn't a fan of violence everybody has an enemy. It's hard to seriously upset him, but it isn't impossible. To be an enemy to Keo one must first find his weakness and exterminate it. In other words; harming family is key to his hate.

Partners- Keoni has a curious and mischievous streak in him. His thirst for knowledge often finds him in sticky situations. He is almost like a walking book on four legs. He enjoys swimming and the arts of fishing and healing. He is often ready to learn anything the world has to offer. With this knowledge he is rather wise for his years. Of course he still makes mistakes, but everybody does not matter who you are. Keo is a cunning wolf who always calculats and studies those around him. He is not stupid even if he does stupid things. A partner in crime is someone Keo can rely on.

Life Plans / Current Plots
None as of yet.

Romance / Possibe Lover:-
Siblings /Family:-

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Plotting ones Life

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