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Killian The Silent

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Hunter Killian
Hunter Killian

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PostSubject: Killian The Silent Killian The Silent Icon_minitimeOctober 21st 2015, 21:35

Name: Killian

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Hunter

Killian is a light and quick wolf. He stands at 76 cm from paw to shoulder. His coat is a soft white/grey color. He has accents of tan and darker grey throughout his body. His coat is naturally very thin, only thickening up when the winter rolls around. Ice blue eyes are his most notable feature. Some may think he is partially blind, but he can actually see rather well. His ears are of average size atop his head, not too large or too small. He is graceful and easy on his paws, knowing full well what he is capable of.


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Born into the world along with three other siblings, Killian was one of the smallest. His sister, Madeline, was the smallest of the four. Sylvester and Ramoné, they were the largest of the litter. They proved to be the leaders of the little group. But Killian did not mind. They had their pecking orders and all that, but he did not listen. Instead he would just run away from them. He did not wish to play their games or their crap. All he wanted was to be on his own. He was a shut in from the world. He knew what he needed to do as a pup. He was to pay attention to the adults, to practice his own hunting skills and better himself. He wanted to be respected and honored in his pack. He wanted to be a wolf that others aspired to be like. He wanted the very best for himself, and nobody was going to get in his way.

For months, he did this. He watched the other wolves in the pack, the hunters and the Deltas. They worked magnificently together. One hunting trip, the young male snuck from his den and wandered into the shrubs by the clearing. He hid the best he could, but his coat being so bright it always made it rather tough. Luckily, none had sen him peering to the scene before his very eyes. As he watched, Killian made mental notes for himself. He was silent as a mouse. Four masculine males wandered together, stalking their prey. A few yards away there stood a large buck. His antlers had about four or five points to each side. It was a proud male, any wolf could see that. The small group split in half, two to the left and two to the right. They were determined and it was obvious the Delta male was leading the attack. As he stared, he could see the attack beginning. Rushing for the prey, they barked and snarled, disturbing the buck as they led the full charge ahead. They lunged and snipped strategically. The large buck made a valiant attempt to strike back, but it was clear he would not be leaving the clearing alive. They snarled and shook their heads as their mouths were filled with flesh and bone. Blood splashed everywhere, covering their bodies, and the area around them. When the prey rested on the ground, it finally took its last breath. The Delta male shouted out to the others, telling them how to bring it back to the pack, and to wait for the Alpha male to feast first. Everything was for the Alphas.

When the food was brought back to the pack, Killian followed them. Perhaps he had been a little too close. Immediately his father had seen him coming back with the hunting party. Rex snarled loudly and glared down to his son. Rex was nothing too special within the pack, just a Warrior. But he was a Warrior that knew the laws of the pack like he knew his own coat. He walked over to Killian, immediately forcing the pup to tuck his tail and avert his eyes from his father. He did not whine or cry or do anything to bring more attention upon himself. Instead he just stayed still and listened to the punishment he was going to get. Rex ripped into Killian with words of hatred, embarrassment, and even regret. Yes some would say that Rex regretted ever having Killian as a son. He sent away his son to their den with no food for the evening. Killian slept to the back of the den that night. All night he thought of his plans, thoughts of escape or even murder searched through his mind. What was he to do? During the middle of the night, he awoke. His blue orbs stared into the family's sleeping group. They all huddled together for warmth and love. It was sickening. He was born of the same parents, to the same litter, within the same matter of moments.. and yet, where was his love? Where was his affections? It was then that Killian had decided love was not a thing for him. Obviously, he did not deserve it.But as much as he hated them, all of them, he knew he would never make it in the world all alone. He would need a pack, need the help to grow and learn. Killian spoke to none of them from here on out, vowing to be silent. Should any need words from him, he would nod or growl. But his family never heard his voice again.

Months passed and he was now the ripe age of two years old. His hard work and dedication had awarded him the rank of Hunter. He went on hunting parties, helped plan hunts, and even strategize among the elders of the pack. He did all he could to learn and grow, to help those who truly needed his help. But one day after Killian's group had taken down a large buck, his father was waiting for him. He stopped Killian from entering the pack clearing, glaring down at him. Killian stared up to his father's gaze, not speaking a word. "You are to be mated with the Alpha's daughter. She fancies you, and this alliance will allow our family to become stronger. Someday you might even be lucky enough to be the Alpha of this pack." Killin snarled. He did not wish to be told who he was to be mated with. He did not know this female or what she even looked like. He had spent little time conversing with wolves who were not hunters. Seraphina was her name. She was an elegant black wolf with deep amber eyes. She had very little white blended into her coat, barely enough to think she was anything other than black. He had to admit she was attractive in her own way. But she was an Alpha's pup. She had not worked hard, she had been blessed with everything. For all he knew, that was very true. That was what he suspected anyhow. He had never seen her in the hunting parties or anything of the sort.

In order to please his family and the Alpha pair, Killian went to meet this fae. She had a pleasant and soft voice. It was sweet to a point. At first, he tolerated her. She wished to speak of things like nature. he cared little for such things. He just wanted to kill. He wanted to feel the fresh blood trickling down his chest. He wanted to feel the sensation of warm blood resting on his serpent tongue. He mostly listened as she spoke, for she was a rambler. She continued to speak of many different things. The silent hunter started to speak back on certain things. As the weeks passed, he began opening up to her. But like many things in pack life, if one had something of interest, others wanted it too. Killian was becoming a hot item within their little pack. Other faes were growing more and more interested in the male. He was different, and he treated them all the same. None were any less of a wolf than the Alpha's daughter, Seraphina. She grew jealous, jealous that he used his silver tongue on the other faes. For it was true she loved him. Strange how a wolf could learn to love so quickly. Killian had never even thought of the word. The females followed him as if he were the Alpha. Swooning over his every word. But one wolf did not like this extra attention. Some might say that Rex was jealous of his own son.

In the winter before his third birthday, Killian had no intentions to mate with Seraphina. Instead, he wanted to sleep beside no female. He was all about his training. As the snow fell from the skies above, it covered his back. It clung to the tips of his fur. His blue eyes stared as a figure appeared before him. Rex exhaled so hard, it forced the breath to appear in a huge cloud before his snout. His eyes were straight on his so, glaring into the cold. His tail curled over his spine and did not waiver. "Why do you choose to play such foolish games? I told you what you have to do, and yet you disobey me, and my Alpha. I cannot tolerate your lack of intelligence and unwillingness to cooperate with the commands given to you." Killian still did not speak. This angered his mother more than anything ever before. "Speak to me! Say something you little nitwit!" Killian spoke not a word. He glared and listened to everything his father had said. Again, he spoke not a word. He allowed the wolf to push him, to force him backwards. Other wolves gathered around behind his father. They wanted to see the interaction take place. Killian did not strike his father or make any moves. He only glared and stayed silent. Further the male pushed his son, forcing him from the spot he stood. He snarled and allowed his pushing to continue. Finally Killian had enough of this little exchange. He took a few steps backwards and stopped in his place. His father seemed even more upset about the wolf's choice to not fight him back. "Why don't you fight me? Are you scared?" Killian only smiled, keeping his lips sealed. Killian glared for the last time he would ever lay his eyes on his father. He turned his head and forced his body to turn around completely. The male did not turn back, not even when Seraphina called out to him. He ignored her and headed for his own way.

For months he wandered on his own, looking for some place to call home. His hunting skills only greatened while he was alone. For he had to provide all of his own meals, or steal from lesser animals to actually eat. He was fine on his own. Winter was a little cold, but nothing too intense. He found a decent place to rest, but he would wait for spring patiently. As the seasons passed, he knew he would need to find another pack, while winter was steadily approaching. He left the safety of his den and headed north, hoping to find a place to call his own.

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PostSubject: Re: Killian The Silent Killian The Silent Icon_minitimeNovember 17th 2015, 11:53

Killian The Silent R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Killian The Silent

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