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Skyfall [Apprentice Aleu]

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PostSubject: Skyfall [Apprentice Aleu] Skyfall [Apprentice Aleu] Icon_minitimeOctober 29th 2015, 16:56

- I wanted this to be more dramatic as a meeting between Aleu and Juno after the meeting to war so that they had even more matters to discuss.

The time had finally risen to when war would wage. The pack would be granted a time of peace until the line-up was made for each rank to take a tole in the war against the good and evil. Expecting this day since the moment of the great divide between Helidos and Erenyx, Juno refused to shed a look of surprise to its sudden notice. After the meeting, her first thought wasn't to peer towards her mate, but to think of Aleu, where she was, and a time for them to forgive one another finally before things would appear uglier. It wasn't in her mindset to leave to battle without apologizing, never knowing the outcome in which slightly frightened her. Not knowing the unknown. The future is inevitable, death is unable to avoided, and life is an opportunity to be lived. She couldn't bring herself to see the death she may have on those grounds, for she knew war was beyond ugly. The stakes were high this time, greater than they had been, far more than what it had been prior to her arrival back in her natal pack. This war has been ticking, ticking since the defiance of Steele so very long ago, and it had nearly three years to boil before it finally screamed.

No longer did the orange, autumn pigments of the fall backgrounds seem happy, it appeared dull to her mind for her thoughts were fogged with several different outcomes. She weaved carelessly through the grotto's trees, her conscience wavering between what she'll regret in the next few days. The beta female feared for her comrades, the people she had come to love, but most importantly, it was her family that mattered - which was each and every one of the wolves who crossed Helidos lines. Aleu..., her thoughts caressed the word as if it were the most fragile object left in the world. The last they had ever exchanged words were during a very heated argument, which only resulted in unwanted violence and raised voices. She would never forgive herself with the actions she forbade upon her adopted daughter, but she had no other choice to do anything to protect what she had left. The fae didn't know, or how she knew, but she had a feeling this day would come where she'd be hallowed into battle to wage a war she wished to fight, but didn't want to keep. Aleu..., the fae's thoughts raged on, her lips unable to form the words, her voice unclear to pass through to her mouth. Eventually, Juno couldn't help the weakness she suddenly felt when everything came crashing down in her mind. All this waiting had set a toll on her, in which angered her slightly. Raising her head she cried out a deathly loud howl, her vocal cords rasped due to age and how many times she would sing into the night when she were younger. Aleu had to be out there. If no response, at least then the beta knew she tried.


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Skyfall [Apprentice Aleu]

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