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Zephyr [finished]

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PostSubject: Zephyr [finished] Zephyr [finished] Icon_minitimeNovember 4th 2015, 16:18

Name: Zephyr

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Pack: Pyrvanthros

Rank Requested: Hunter

Zephyr is an large Grey Wolf, at 91 centimeters. Most of his height comes from his long legs and muscular, yet sleek body. He has medium sized paws making him have well balance. He was built for the hunt. His long legs and skinny body makes him quicker, while his muscles help against large and strong prey or predators. He has medium sized ears and a normal length tail. His fur long, protecting his body from extreme winter weather and from sunburn in summer. His coat is filled with mixes of white, black, grays, and browns. His jawline is pure white with darker grey on the very front of his mouth. As the white follows down his neck his fur starts to turn grey and eventually is looped around his neck in a black collar-like stripe, then right below another collar-like stripe almost fully forms. His underbelly is white along with the back of his front legs and the front of his hind legs. He has tan on the front of his front legs and follows up his side turning darker as it goes and eventually black at his shoulders. There seems to be a black mask over the top of his head with speckles of browns and grays and goes up and around his head and goes all along his back, a bit more gray as it gets closer to his rump. His eyes are a deep orange and his nose a smooth black. Under his fur he has multiple scars, with one visible on his snout. All showing what he has been through to protect those he loves and his journey through life. On the other hand, he is very calm and collected. He is respectful and understanding of other wolves although he will not accept if you are rude or completely disrespectful towards him.


Zephyr [finished] E56ae1ed-e1a2-42de-bb36-0c435424c42a_zpsqhtpzfvd
Zephyr [finished] The_innocent_young_wolf_by_picturebypali-d3bbmnb_zpsqcrzrdsl_edit_1446669063398_zpsbjgw6ibm
Zephyr [finished] The_last_stand_of_a_wolf_by_picturebypali-d3b45ym_zpsipkzhusv_edit_1446668256244_zps4rf3mnx3

Zephyr was born to a power hungry Alpha and a wise and beautiful Lead Healer. Four pups were born but only three lived. The Alpha was old and expected to become weak with age soon so he was desperate for a pup to be his heir. He had his eyes set on the Lead Healer long ago, and took his chance by forcing himself onto her. The Alpha was not pleased with the litter she had; a female named Alawa, an runt named Atka, and a nameless dead pup. Although when he set eyes on Zephyr he decided that he would be the heir. Of course Zephyr didn't know this until he became an apprentice. He wondered why his mother wasn't close to their father and wondered why he all of a sudden had four mentors. Soon enough the news would make it to him, after going through countless seasons training with his father, mother and two other leads (Hunter and Warrior), he was told about all of the secrets his father had kept from him. He was outraged, he didn't know why they kept all of this from him.
When he had the chance he ran to his brother and sister and told them everything. Together the three marched up to their father. They were only a year old and weren't thinking straight at all. "Why didn't you tell us," the apprentices said at the same time. They were all surprised at his reaction, a  dark grin crawled up his face and his eyes were filled with anger. "Tell you what? That I raped your mother so that I could make a mindless drone to follow under me no matter what, then when I die I allow this mindless drone take my place, he paused and Zephyr growled lowly, "You should be thanking me you puny pups!" he bellowed before Zephyr lunged at him. He wasn't even a warrior yet but he felt like that didn't matter. Until he was simply pushed to the ground and laughed at. His father in a quick and swift move slammed into his brother sending him to the ground. Without hesitation he pushed forward and grasped his throat in his teeth, blood poured down from the Alpha's mouth as he dropped the limp body. "How dare you" Zephyr whispered with pure hatred laced in his voice. "You better quit now and start acting like an Alpha, or I can kill your little sister too." Before Zephyr could respond his father turned and growled something, Zephyr wasn't sure what but his sister followed uneasily so he did too. They were led to a part of the territory that he didn't know and then they stopped. Zephyr stood in front of his sister defensively as his father turned and spoke coldly, "It is time to teach you puny pups not to mess with me," Before they could process what he said their father launched forward and knocked Zephyr to the side. He now stood over Alawa about to attack her. Zephyr stood back up immediately and pounced at the large male in attempt to overpower him and take him down. But nothing worked, he beat both of them until they surrendered, only then did he take them to their mother to get healed. After that day Zephyr promised his sister and himself that when he got the chance he would kill the beast. Until then he would pretend to follow him.
Once they were trained enough to earn their ranks the two year old apprentices took them proudly, Alawa became a Healer just like her mother and Zephyr became Delta. The two took their ranks very seriously, so when it came to the time when their mother became extremely ill, she took it as her responsibility to heal her. She had her rank for half an year and over the next few nights their mother became so ill that she couldn't even move. She asked for Alawa to end her suffering and like the loyal pup she was, she did. When the Alpha found out about this he wasn't even a bit upset, yet he had to punish the female. He claimed that she was a murderer and with that he raped her and exiled her. Leaving her with the burden of taking care of pups without ever being able to come back. She never even had been out of the pack lands, and Zephyr was outraged once again. He hoped that he was strong enough to take down his leader now and attacked him. His desperate attempt at killing his father failed and that was the last straw. He beat Zephyr once again and exiled him with his sister. Zephyr stumbled into the rogue lands to find her and soon he caught scent of her. He followed it and took it as his duty to help her and she helped heal him. They lived together and provided for each other. Another rogue coming along eventually and helping train Zephyr to beat his father. He happened to know the crazy Alpha and wanted him dead more then ever. Zephyr would wait for his chance to kill his father and finally he got it.
One day, months later, while following a scent trail with his sister and her pups, he noticed his father and a bear. He found two chances here, he stopped following the track and had the pups follow. They all hid while his father fought with the bear. The pups were old enough to fight now so he quickly told them the plan. They waited until his father backed away a little from the bear then he sent the pups and his sister to hold it off. While his father recovered from the shock of them surviving Zephyr lunged at him and knocked him to the ground. The fight was fast since his father was weaker and Zephyr was stronger. His father fought hard but just couldn't win. He eventually gave up, both wolves coats were coated in blood and so Zephyr did what he must. Give his father a choice, "You have given us all so much trouble. But I won't let you go without a choice. It is either you go back and tell the pack that you retire and live there as an Elder or I kill you now and my sister will drag your body back and tell the story and choose a new Alpha." his father coughed up some blood before speaking. "Just kill me," so Zephyr did. And as planned he sent his sister on her way. They had chased the bear away and dragged the body of their father back. Zephyr wasn't interested in being Alpha, so he left. He went to find a new pack where he could live peacefully without ever having to think of his father again. So he did, and he found four packs that he heard about in a new land.

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PostSubject: Re: Zephyr [finished] Zephyr [finished] Icon_minitimeNovember 7th 2015, 09:54

Zephyr [finished] R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Zephyr [finished]

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