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What is this?

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What is this? Empty
PostSubject: What is this? What is this? Icon_minitimeDecember 14th 2015, 01:40

Twist slipped away from the clearing, too many new scents to handle at the moment. She wanted to take time to herself and explore the new land.

Her paws fell into a hollow path, one that had clearly been taking many of times. Stale odors of other wolves hit her nares and she wondered what their stories were, and where they had been heading... Her mind drifted and she let the aurora of the forest around her take her over... It was so different from the dry and almost scorching scents she had known all her life.

No more blazing sand to burn my paws, no more droughts, nor famines. The damsel didn't try and stop her lips from curling into a smile, her eyes lifted to the conifers looming above her. Some fat and wide, with many green branches. Others tall and the branches didn't start till almost the top of the tree itself.

Walking up to one of the fat ones, she sniffed it and found a tempting sweet scent. She crawled under the lowest of branches and walked up to the trunk itself. Why... The tree is leaking! Twist touched her nose to the substance and it stuck to it. She growled in frustration and tried to wipe it off with her paw, only for it to stick to the padding... She then decided to lick it off, surely it couldn't be non-edible.

It's sweet. She continued licking the solid-like liquid from her paw and then stuck it against the tree again, and ate more of the sticky goodness, in which she would later find out it's name.. "Sap."

She shared her fill of the sap and continued on... The weather was much, much different than it was back home. It was colder here, and the clouds loomed in the sky all day. Her nostrils flared to a new scent, it smelled sort of like rain but it was much more crisp. She lifted her cranium to look and she saw what looked like rain, coming from the clouds.

She awaited the heavy pelting that normally took place when it rained in the desert, but it was just simply silent... Not a sound when it hit the ground. These aren't rain drops at all.. What is this? Twist began to follow the falling white flakes that fell from the sky. Her curiosity like that of a pups at the moment.

A rather large drop fell and she tried catching it by swatting at it with her paw, but it melted before she even had time to look at it.. The next she tried snapping at it, it melted on her tongue and nothing but the taste of water filled her mouth.

"What is this?" She barked the question allowed this time, and began hopping around like a yearling trying to catch it's tail... The ground started filling up with the crystals and she was in a daze on how her paw prints would remain in them... She pranced around and enjoyed the cooling sensation that tingled her skin when the flakes landed on her.

The last few months far behind her, she continued to enjoy herself in her new home.. Jumping around, and yipping playfully, she let her mind rest as she knew that more responsibility than thought of was yet to come...

(Note: I would just like to mention before I may or may not have to change this... That wolves have been known to lick sap from trees, you can find it if you just search it up... I'm basing mine of a book I've read.. Also, Twist is still rather young and has also never seen snow... So her reaction to this is quiet the normal for a wolf her age. I'm also basing this off a recent document clip of wolves enjoying the first snowfall of the year.. So it's pretty cute if you're into that stuff.. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just stating it for the semi-realistic rules...That's all. )
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What is this?

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